Across the Portal: Interference is the first of a series of upcoming books. Interference centers on a girl named Kristen who is whisked into the Star Wars galaxy and finds herself a key role in the quest to destroy the evil Darth Mutialatus. The book features Yoda and a cast of newly exclusive characters including Kristen and B'en'jamin Thorrn as protagonists, and Yaxa, Marion, the Omnipotent One, Xerin Hedashield, and Darth Mutialatus.

It was released on 1 December, 2017.

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Summary Edit

A dorky teen named Kristen who didn't think she could amount to anything is suddenly transported to the Star Wars galaxy. She doesn't know how she got there or how to get home. However, she finds a Jedi Knight and a mysterious insurgent named Xerin Hedashield. They can help her, but only if she can learn to trust them. Soon enough, the girl who thought she was worthless suddenly finds herself a key role in battling unspeakable evils. Kristen means to return home as soon as possible...if she can survive Darth Mutialatus and the Dark Side of the Force.

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Beginnings Edit

Pilots of the Third Order, led by the ruthless Darth Mutialatus, invade Coruscant, breaching the patrol.

A common girl named Kristen touches a portal (likely by accident), whisking her into the Star Wars galaxy. Having no idea where she is, Kristen aimlessly walks through crowds amid the lower levels of Coruscant, surveying the surrounding people, including many non-humans, with suspicion. She thinks a hooded figure is following her, so she races off. There, she finds the Jedi Temple and a boy named B'en'jamin Thorrn. She follows him inside, not seeing any other options presented to her.

Council with Yoda Edit

In a private cell, Jedi Grandmaster Yoda chides B'en for being tardy before introducing himself to Kristen. He doesn't know why Kristen is where she is.

B'en'jamin sighs angrily, lamenting that Yoda's word is law and beckoning her upstairs to the landspeeders.

They know the Supreme Leader might be important in their lives.

Here, she finds herself a key role in the quest to destroy the evil Darth Mutialatus.

Enemies in shadow Edit

They tell Yoda, but he demands for evidence before he can report the situation to the Jedi High Council.

The Omnipotent One Edit

B'en'jamin deduces that what lies on Dagobah fits Xerin's description, so they fly to the swamp planet at once. The Omnipotent One accepts them and tells them that to get Kristen to Earth, they must go to St. Pyro's Center for Militarized Sciences, as the facility's personnel has sent her to Coruscant. Kristen thanks him, and he offers her the chance to visit anytime, which she points out she couldn't do.

Capture on Geonosis Edit

The kids go to Geonosis at once, bound for St. Pyro's. Thorrn complains that the Omnipotent One had not given them any information they were not already aware of. In response, Kristen tells him that she stole into a small library in Xerin's apartment and uncovered that the leader of the center was named R'ockienc. Thorrn says he thought she didn't read, but Kristen admits that she reads every now and then of her own free will. Thorrn tells her that's not a bad thing, but then ten Grabbers converge upon them, led by the evil General Gore of the Third Order.

Gore said they will be dead, but Thorrn replies smugly, leading Grabber X.1 to restrain him and explain that Darth Mutiliatus and the Supreme Leader agreed that it would be imprudent to send but two Grabbers. Thorrn asked why they never spoke the Supreme Leader's name, and yet they spoke the name of Mutiliatus freely. Grabber X.1 said he asked too many questions (though he had only asked one), and when he pointed this out, Grabber X.1 slapped his diaphragm. Grabber X.3 and Grabber X.4 circle around Kristen, ordering her to get up. Gore turned to Thorrn, but then Kristen elbowed one of her captors and Thorrn killed Grabber X.5 with his lightsaber.

Grabber X.6 and Grabber X.7 brandished Phrik staffs and briefly dueled Thorrn. Then Grabber X.9 slapped Thorrn's back roughly. He turned around, but then X.7 slashed him in the groin. Thorrn got to his feet, but then he is forced to stop fighting when X.9 threatens to cut Kristen's throat. Kristen is shocked into silence upon realizing that Thorrn has finally weighed the value of her life and chosen to spare it rather than fleeing back to his home. And then Grabber X.10 orders that the weapons be retrieved. Gore smugly said the pack would "keep Master Mutialatus waiting no longer".

The scene transitions to the grim fortress of Darth Mutiliatus.

Rating Edit

Across the Portal: Interference was rated PG-13 "for frightening images and brief strong language".

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