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Ammon Kendels was a Human Padawan who went to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. His home planet was Obroa-Skai. His father worked at the Obroan Institute for Archaeology. Ammon was a skilled lightsaber duelist. He had a girlfriend at the Jedi Temple called June. Ammon was one of the first students befriended by Ronald Potter at the Jedi Temple.

Ammon excelled at lightsaber combat and during Ammon’s second year of attendance, he won a Lightsaber Fencing Tournament by defeating Ronald.

Background Edit

Little is known about Ammon Kendels' early life. His father was the head of the Museum of Archaeology, while his mother's past and identity are entirely unknown as she is never mentioned nor seen in the series. They lived on Obroa-Skai for about a year when, in 210 B.B.Y., his Force potential was discovered by unknown means and taken for training at the Jedi Temple.

Personality and traits Edit

He was generally an easy-going and good-natured person, able to get along well with many people. For example, he never displayed any anger towards Ronald Potter in their first year, despite being upset when Ronald accidentally got him disqualified in a tournament, though several tendencies emerged the following year. He also easily established a friendship with Lily Vane. He was also very forgiving and decisive.

He was brave and loyal. He was eager to participate in the defense of his school against stormtroopers, eagerly went to fight the Sith twice despite his youth and inexperience, and never lost his faith in Ronald Potter, believing him when he claimed that he never kidnapped Squeaker. He also had faith that Ronald would eventually defeat the Dark Lord.

Appearances Edit

Ronald Potter and the Jedi HolocronEdit

Ronald Potter and the Gamorrean from Coruscant Edit

In his second year, Ammon Kendels continued training as a Jedi. He also began working on a care package with Annabeth Skywalker to help Annabeth’s father, who was severely ill. Because of Annabeth’s somewhat odd behavior, Ammon came to suspect she had been possessed. During the Satine Hawkins Dance, he asked his new girlfriend, June Courtney, out, and June agreed to go with him. He then attended the Hoth field trip in October, where he pointed out that they were near the equator when Ronald said they had to be on one of the planet’s poles. Halfway through the year, after Parent Teacher Conferences, Ammon invited Ronald to come with him for Spring Break, where they planned to visit the Museum of Archaeology with Ammon’s father. At the museum, however, Ronald ripped an ancient text by accident, angering Mr. Kendels.

In the second semester, Ammon Kendels and Ronald Potter had several issues that threatened to tear the two friends apart. Their most notable incident was when Vernon put a hot chili pepper in Ronald’s sandwich and made him think Ammon was the culprit. On Severus’ rigged suggestion, Ronald threw the pepper at Ammon in retaliation. It bounced off his head and smacked June in the face, angering her. When she demanded to know who threw the pepper, Vernon and Severus both pinpointed Ronald. Furious, Ammon hurled a dragon nugget at Ronald. Ronald ducked and it plowed into Vernon’s chest. Vernon seized a handful of spaghetti, and threw it back at Ammon. However, the misdirected heap hit Tegan instead. Tegan threw one back, but Ronald redirected it, unintentionally into Greer, who crashed into Draco Goyle. This pattern quickly began a food fight between all the Padawans. During this, Ronald hurled fermented applesauce at Ammon. Although he dodged it, he was hit by Vernon. Finally, Annabeth, who had been hiding from the carnage, went to get help from Yoda and Mr. Maulpres, who quickly arrived at the lunchroom. Furiously, they dragged Ronald and Ammon outside and into the office, where the two were instructed to sit on Yoda’s discipline bench together. Ronald accused Ammon of starting the food fight; Ammon said it was Ronald who had betrayed him (still not knowing why Ronald hurled the pepper at him). Most of the Padawans went on a field trip to the Galactic Senate afterwards, but Ammon and Annabeth stayed behind to work on the care package.

Later in the year, Ammon engaged Ronald in the Lightsaber Fencing Tournament. Ammon attacked viciously, rapidly gaining ground on Ronald. Although Ronald could block his every move, his defenses finally began to tire and he was finally forced to drop his guard. Just as Ammon prepared to slash, however, Vernon used a flash-camera to blind him briefly. As Ammon rubbed his eyes, Ronald considered striking him down, but then lowered his weapon and allowed Ammon to recover before engaging him in a second bout of bladework. The duel ended when a failed leaping strike let Ronald open. Applause immediately erupted upon Ammon’s victory, which was rewarded with an inscribed trophy. As Ronald stepped down and left, the applause continued. Finally, Ammon went after Ronald and congratulated him, before asking why he didn’t use Vernon’s opening. Ronald said it would have been cheating, and that he had decided he did not want to be like them. He also apologized, and after some awkward tension between the two, they became friends again. Then Ronald departed.

When he and Ronald learned that Annabeth was dying in the Secret Underground Chamber, they raced to save her, but were stalled by Mr. Maulpres and Yoda who caught them about to dive inside. The following night, Ronald and Ammon sneaked out of bed and headed down to the garbage compactor. When they arrived, Ammon pushed a button, revealing a slide behind the durasteel passage. They both leaped inside, Ammon in the lead, and they tumbled down a slide and a secret slide (the second of which angered Ammon). At the bottom, they landed to see a spacious basement. Both of them rushed into the adjoining room where Darth Vadermort was waiting. There, Ammon pinpointed Annabeth’s “corpse.” Ronald rushed toward her. Bending over, he began to panic, but then the illusion of Annabeth disappeared.

Ronald Potter and the Labyrinth of Doom Edit

In his third year, Ammon helped Ronald and his team overcome the Obstacle Course Challenge. He finished the Labyrinth of Doom in second place, and sparred with Severus Umbridge beforehand. He heard Darth Vadermort’s 30-minute armistice, and was eager to fight.

While Ronald headed for the Slug Diner, Ammon and Annabeth fought in the ensuing battle. Ammon suggested they help defend the front lines. Before Annabeth could reply, they were attacked by Vladamir, Darth Vadermort’s pet snake. Annabeth threw a rock at the snake, but Vladamir was barely scathed. The following clash led them all across the Temple and ended outside. There, Aidan Barton intervened and slew the snake with a successful sun djem strike. Afterwards, Ammon and Annabeth made their way to the front, taking down several stormtroopers on the way. Ammon witnessed Ronald defeat Darth Vadermort once and for all, and survived the battle without serious injury.


Ronald PotterEdit

Ronald Potter became Ammon’s best friend during Ronald’s first year at the Jedi Temple. Ammon, along with Annabeth, Bill Reggan, Eegan Reich, Tegan Courtney, and RW-12, first met Ronald when they arrived on separate buses at the Temple’s docking bay. The two almost immediately bonded over the first few weeks of school (for Ronald; Ammon had been training for years). Ronald cemented his friendship with Ammon by rescuing him twice on Kashyyyk. After sharing several classes and having dormitories in a beeline from each other, the two grew even closer, and eventually gained another best friend in Annabeth Skywalker. As Ammon was highly intellectual, he was often called upon to help solve problems, from worksheet problems to a rising darkness.

Ammon stuck with Ronald in many situations, something Ronald also did his part in. When Ammon was lost on Kashyyyk in 200 BBY, Ronald was the most determined to find him, and he eventually did accomplish this, much to Ammon’s chagrin. Ammon also joined Ronald when he went on a mission to destroy Darth Vadermort, returning the favor. When they were pitted in a duel in 199 BBY, Ronald also made sure Ammon had equal chances (though he was also trying to be the better man than Severus and Vernon, whom he feared he was becoming just like). Ammon also accompanied Ronald down to the Underground Chamber the same year to rescue their friend Annabeth.

Ronald and Ammon had a major falling out in 199 BBY when they both suspected one had betrayed the other. These series of misunderstandings were seemingly cemented when Ronald hurled a chili pepper at Ammon, beginning a vicious food fight. However, Ronald soon realized how badly he had misjudged the situation and apologized. Ammon immediately forgave him and apologized in turn, though Ronald admitted their temporary enmity was mostly his fault. Shortly afterwards, the two worked well together when Annabeth was kidnapped and they went to rescue her. Ammon accompanied Ronald down to the Underground Chamber, also going up against Darth Vadermort in the process. The hardships Ammon and Ronald faced together served to reinforce their bond, and they remained friends for life. Ronald’s fierce loyalty and sense of humor often helped Ammon relax and have fun even in the darkest times. Overall, the two were like brothers, something Ronald firmly believed was true.

Darth VadermortEdit

As Ammon was raised within the galaxy, he had grown up fearing Darth Vadermort, the Dark Lord of the Sith. Ammon helped Ronald destroy Darth Vadermort’s physical body at the end of their first year, when he won a lightsaber battle to get Ronald inside. Ammon also helped Ronald get into the Underground Chamber and save Annabeth Skywalker. During the Battle of the Jedi Temple, Ammon was present when Darth Vadermort engaged in his final duel with Ronald and Vernon.

Lily VaneEdit

Ammon Kendels seemed to be good friends with Lily Vane.

Draco GoyleEdit

Ammon had little contact with Draco Goyle, but he thought the Padawan Learner to be quite annoying. During the Battle of the Jedi Temple, Ammon punched Draco in the face and called him a “lying bastard” upon seeing him with a stormtrooper.

Appearances Edit

  • Ronald Potter and the Jedi Holocron (first appearance)
  • Ronald Potter and the Gamorrean from Coruscant