Baby Intelligence, whose given name is Peter Hecks, is the main protagonist of “The Super Babies.” He was the most renowned Super in world history. He was known for his legendary wisdom, incredible power, and skills in sword combat. After his parents abandoned him, he was adopted by the police and trained to harness his incredible power. Finally, he became a superhero and led what would become the S.M.S.B. He founded, led, and taught the group before and during three devastating wars - the Second and Third NoHead Wars, and the Shadow Wars. As a baby, his archenemy was Mr. Stupid NoHead, and as an adult it was the Dark Flame, both of whom were eventually killed. Although he loved all the members of the group equally, he trusted Sebiscuits, Lindsay Kellerman, and Centauri the most. At the age of six, he took the name of Master Intelligence, respectively. As a baby, he stood at 66 cm tall, but as a teenager he stood 170 cm. He had exceptional skills in sword combat, most commonly employing whirling and acrobatic Form IV techniques. Baby Intelligence was a master of all seven forms, though he disliked using Form VII immensely. He was idolized by thousands of people and some of them considered him a swordsmaster. Despite this, he believed most firmly in peace and knowledge. Master Intelligence continued leading the organization until his dying day.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

With Rotta and Greg (June 10-16, 2019)Edit

Peter Hecks was born on October 10, 2019 to Rotta and Greg Hecks in the New York City Hospital. The next morning, Peter managed to escape his crib and was doing a floor puzzle by the time Rotta awoke. This shocked her and Greg very much. Over the next few days, he pondered over finding a way to speak, and quickly found the way how. As his parents were having a conversation, Peter used a magnifying glass and studied their lips. He tried to follow, and quickly succeeded. His parents were mean but cautious throughout his first week alive as he learned to stand and speak at an incredibly young age - he had also taught himself to stand when he was six days old and took his first steps. At one point, they also took him with them to a party, where he demonstrated his telekinetic powers for the first time by crushing the seatbelt to his booster and telekinetically hurling balloons at other guests, mostly children. Terrified, Rotta dragged him home. The next day, they were visited by Colby Doge, who featured Peter on TV upon meeting him. Doge even went so far as to say he was “the latest news flash.” Word soon spread about the latter; everybody wanted to meet him. Unbeknownst to him, Rotta and Greg were both plotting a way to get rid of him.

Abandonment (June 17, 2019)Edit

Peter was finally abandoned. He was asked by NASA’s leading officials to attend a space mission. Rotta left the station with Greg before he could return to Earth, after declaring he was not welcome in their home. Just then, a UFO showed up. Attempting to intervene, Peter fought back and attacked the UFO with a barrage of laser blasts. He was then able to blow up the UFO by deploying a missile. Astronauts and police by saving their ship from the UFO in a heated battle. He was then able to land the wrecked ship in the parking lot at NASA. When he came inside, he collapsed from exhaustion and misery. At that moment, a police officer named Zett arrived, who told him the police were going to adopt him, since his parents were still stubborn about their decision. He followed Zett, and was then beckoned by someone else to follow him inside a closet. Curious, Peter went inside to find a mutant baby who looked very much like himself. The baby, whose name was Sebiscuits, wished him luck, but before anything else could be said, Zett beckoned him out of the closet. Peter followed him to the police car, and they went to the police station. Peter underwent vigorous training for the next month.

A friendly policeman named Dexter, who was in his twenties, joined Peter Hecks and assisted largely in his training. On July 2, when Peter was three weeks old, he and Dexter were assigned to protect a politician from pirates who were kidnapping powerful figures for ransom. Pirates attacked the vessel, exploiting weaknesses in the design, and the politician was kidnapped despite the actions of the two police. Although Dexter had met his former friend, Sean Cornelly, who had come to forgive him, he did not tell his friend that he knew the former police. Like Dexter, Peter came to suspect that the security weaknesses and malfunctions on the senator’s craft during the battle has been deliberate sabotage, since the craft had recently undergone a security retrofit. He traced the sabotage of the senator’s ship back to the responsible factory in the snowy state of Maine.

With help from Peter, Dexter discovered that the factory was owned by Caravan, a corporation that used child labor on its assembly lines. While they were investigating further, Sean Cornelly arrived. Telling the two police that he’d found a worker willing to talk to them, he lured the pair into an ambush. There, local battle robots suddenly appeared and threatened the two police. Cornelly had betrayed Dexter for good, as he formerly worked at the factory. Dexter and Peter were forced to surrender in order to avoid collateral damage to the factory’s numerous child workers. They were injected with toxins that paralyzed them and rendered them unconscious. The incapacitated police were subsequently transported to Sean Cornelly’s headquarters.

The two police woke up in an unfamiliar room some time later, restrained by stun cuffs. They had been captured by Cornelly, who spoke to them and said he planned to hold them until the state Senator was ransomed. Unfortunately for Sean, the senator died from a sudden heart attack. This panicked Sean’s assistant, who rushed into the room where the officers were held and began to argue with the pirate leader. During their quarrel, Peter broke free from his restraints and telekinetically summoned his sword through the door the assistant had opened. Peter then dueled with Cornelly, intending to kill him. Only Dexter’s objection stopped him from slaying his overmatched foe. Instead, Peter arrested the two pirates and returned to New York with his friend.

The failure of their mission was coupled with Peter only being allowed to watch while attempting to survive any stray blasts. As such, he felt this was not truly his first battle he fought in.

Five days later, Peter was turned loose on the NoHeads of his own free will. He quickly found their robot, who was already dueling four police at once. A heated battle followed between Peter and the robot. Peter used both his sword and telekinesis exclusively to defeat the foe. Soon after, he was confronted by its maker, Mr. Stupid NoHead himself.

First Confrontation (July 2019) Edit

Peter disposed of the robot quickly, only to be confronted by Mr. Stupid NoHead. NoHead opened with use of lightning. His disgust soon turned to delight as he realized his wish to fight Rotta’s son had come true. Peter quickly fought back with a telekinetic push that sent the NoHead across the balcony. As NoHead tried to flee, Peter jumped in front of him and pulled out his sword. NoHead then drew his sword and the duel began.

The duel moved into an apartment building, where the two mutants engaged in a sword duel on the rooftop. The two fought, with Peter managing to gain the upper hand, but barely. The fight tore apart most of the junkyard as Peter was trying to crush the villain by pushing random objects at him. The police-trained mutant and the NoHead counterpoised. As Peter continued his telekinetic assault, NoHead managed to catch a dumpster and flung it back at Peter, who leaped out of it’s path. NoHead was on him quickly, firing a torrent of lightning at Peter. The attack tore Peter’s sword from his hand, and the shorter baby was forced to use a hidden gadget to withstand NoHead’s lightning. NoHead’s power was so great however, that Peter began to falter.

Peter resisted NoHead’s might, and attempted to redirect his lightning back at him. As the two duelists each attempted to overpower the other, the energy between the two suddenly exploded. The blast hurled them apart, ending the battle. Both Masters were able to grasp the edge of nearby buildings, with Peter barely managing to right himself and achieve the high ground. NoHead, however, was unable to maintain his grasp, and fell down to the street below. Peter followed him and held him at bladepoint, but spared him for the promise to leave and never return.

After the fight was over, Peter was congratulated, and Sheriff Bladepoint deemed him a true Super. They built the MBH, and Peter took the alias of Baby Intelligence.

Duel With Bomb ManEdit

Two days after the MBH was finished, Baby Intelligence installed an alarm to alert him of any dangers that may lurk nearby. Roughly an hour later, the alarms alerted Baby Intelligence to a criminal who had robbed a bus. Intelligence tracked him down and located him hiding in an alley, under the pretense of apprehending the villain. Baby Intelligence immediately confronted him, leading to a fierce fight between Baby Intelligence and Bomb Man. Baby Intelligence finally disarmed him and took him to jail in a cage attached to the Pinewood Derby. The jail guard thanked him, but also told him he couldn't just bring people to prison and hope for their arrest. Intelligence digested this and left, victorious.

Second NoHead War (July 2019-April 2020)Edit

Discovering Sebiscuits Edit

Baby Intelligence continued his quest to purge the NoHeads. Soon after his promotion, Sebiscuits came to the MBH, requesting to train with him. Intelligence tested him, but these tests were unsuccessful for Sebiscuits. Intelligence believed that the baby was clearly affected by his temper and that he still clung too tightly to his passion to be trained safely. Hours before this event, Mayor Katie Black was kidnapped by Mr. Stupid NoHead and taken onto his base, the Wasp. As he was wrapping up his meeting with Sebiscuits, Baby Intelligence was quickly called in from the police to rescue the captive leader of New York City. Baby Intelligence ordered Sebiscuits to leave, then rushed in to rescue the Mayor. However, Sebiscuits pursued, something Intelligence learned when Sebiscuits attempted to rescue his ship from disaster. Sebiscuits succeeded, and they landed onboard the Wasp, where Intelligence deduced that it was too late to escort Sebiscuits home. As a team, the two fought their way to where the Mayor was being held captive by Mr. Stupid NoHead himself.

Together, Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits engaged the NoHead in battle. Initially, the two babies used lesser styles to lull NoHead into a false sense of confidence, before suddenly switching to their more advanced styles. NoHead was caught off-guard and pushed Intelligence off to the side to deal with Sebiscuits exclusively. While Sebiscuits clashed with NoHead, Intelligence dealt with the robot soldiers that NoHead had brought to distract the two. However, once he did so, NoHead immediately kicked Sebiscuits aside and strangled Baby Intelligence before hurling him to the side of the room and slamming him into a balcony, rendering Intelligence unconscious and injured. Consequently, he did not witness NoHead’s escape.

When Baby Intelligence recovered, he found himself upside-down, in an elevator shaft, staring at Black hanging on the shaft with Sebiscuits. Quickly righting himself, he asked where Mr. Stupid NoHead was, and Sebiscuits replied that he had escaped. After exiting the elevator, Intelligence suggested they make their way to the hangar to hopefully find another escape vessel. However, he and his allies were confronted by more robots. Sebiscuits was separated from Intelligence and the Mayor by a ray wall, but they rendezvoused a little while later. Intelligence’s comlink then received a distress call from another police who’s cruiser was being brutally attacked. Sebiscuits and Intelligence then mounted two of the Wasp’s cannons to attack the NoHead ship that was attacking the cruiser. They shot the vital sections of the ship, and destroyed the battleship. When they got back into the hallways, however, they got caught in a ray shield.

Brought to the bridge, they were gloated at by another NoHead, but Baby Intelligence telekinetically threw back her hood and was shocked to find his mother was alleged with the NoHeads. Despite this, Intelligence remained confident and retrieved his sword from Rotta and cut his and Sebiscuits’ bonds. Engaging and defeating Rotta’s bodyguards, they moved to corner the NoHead. However, Rotta climbed aboard her escape vessel and deserted the fight. Having no other escape, Intelligence asked if Sebiscuits could pilot this cruiser. Sebiscuits managed to crash-land the remains of the ship, and they walked away relatively unscathed. After the fight, Sebiscuits was dubbed a superhero by Baby Intelligence, who had long had a change of heart.

Discovering Baby Strength and Force Baby Edit

When Baby Intelligence discovered the NoHeads were building a new base in nearby town Palmura, he took off with the others to stop them. On the way, they landed in the office, and there they found two orphan babies. They introduced themselves by their well-worn alliances, Baby Strength and Force Baby. Baby Intelligence asked them if they wanted to come, after Sebiscuits explained where they were going. The babies obliged, and they all took off together.

The battle initiated when Paige, aboard her ship, encountered the NoHead construction site. Baby Intelligence thanked her and they landed. Intelligence climbed out, and everyone on his front engaged the enemy. They faced enormous opposition from tanks, DSD droids and Heavy Missile Platforms. They did their best to hold the line, and eventually moved to the edge of the lake to lead an attack on approaching NoHead forces.

As the S.M.S.B. members were being beaten back on several fronts, Baby Strength and Force Baby intervened, and attempted to cut a path through the fleet. Destroying the central tank with a bomb, the two leaped off and joined the others. Finally, Baby Strength leaped off and sabotaged the inside of another crucial ship, destroying the command bridge, doorway, and engines. Amazed, Baby Intelligence turned to a squad of robots and eliminated the group. The battle seemed to go back and forth until, despite the best efforts of the combined S.M.S.B. defense, the NoHeads were overun. Intelligence’s pupils had been beaten back by NoHead forces.

Attempting to rally, Baby Intelligence leaped headlong into the main lines, followed by Paige and Force Baby. With that, the tide of the battle turned in favor of the S.M.S.B. With the foiling of this crucial mission, the NoHeads began to retreat from their half-built base. Force Baby let Baby Intelligence borrow one of his bombs, which he used to blow up the half-finished base. Afterwards, Baby Intelligence offered them ranks in the S.M.S.B. Although Baby Strength was initially hesitant, Force Baby could not resist the opportunity.

Darren Slade's VisitEdit

Less than a month after he joined the NoHeads, Darren Slade felt terrible for his actions. After he realized Annabeth could not help him, he instead went to Baby Intelligence for help. In response, Baby Intelligence told him that if he betrayed them, he would probably die. He instead advised Darren become an insurgent under the government, which he did.

Sebiscuits' Betrayal Edit

Sebiscuits was still an S.M.S.B. member, but he began to feel conflicted about the possibility that Baby Intelligence was virtually neglecting him. Further severing his trust in him, Intelligence urged Sebiscuits to spy on Mr. Stupid NoHead, Sebiscuits began distrusting him even more. Believing he was trying to keep him away from the MBH, Sebiscuits began to slowly lose his respect for the governing body, a mistrust and plaguing uncertainty that furthered his fall to darkness, though Intelligence was unaware of this. As he continued to meet with NoHead, the villain slowly began to plant the seeds of the dark side in Sebiscuits. Playing to his fears, he told Sebiscuits that Intelligence was conspiring against him. As Sebiscuits was letting off steam that he had revolving around Baby Intelligence and his decisions, he met with NoHead and began to share with him his frustrations. Feeling like this was the correct time, NoHead offered Sebiscuits the chance to learn the ways of the dark side from him and use the power he had to find his purpose. Sebiscuits angrily drew his sword and contemplated killing NoHead on the spot as soon as he learned his true motives, but decided against it. Baby Intelligence never found out what happened there.

Back at the MBH, Baby Intelligence prepared for a search for the new NoHead base. However, a distraught Sebiscuits arrived and confirmed it was in Palmyra. Baby Intelligence thanked him and summoned the others; then they boarded their Pinewood Derby along with Sebiscuits. Paige flew in her personal fighter. They departed to destroy the new base.

As the fight began, Baby Intelligence disabled an NBV vehicle and decided to ride it to the base, along with another one Paige ended up riding. They arrived at the front gate, but the five robots guarding the gates spotted them there and alerted the entire army. The S.M.S.B. retaliated, fearlessly engaging the army. After clearing the squad, Baby Intelligence led the others in the base itself. As the battle raged in the hangar, Sebiscuits and Paige left. Baby Intelligence fought on, and they made their way for the control room.

Eventually, Baby Intelligence sensed Paige was in danger. He took off in a speeder and arrived upon the scene as his friend was in free-fall. Catching Paige in his open-top airspeeder, Intelligence went to rejoin the battle. While the battle raged, Mr. Stupid NoHead ordered his replicas to execute Operation: Purge, which meant the extermination of all police. Baby Intelligence sensed his police brethren being killed all around and, coming to the only logical conclusion for so many concurrent deaths of his fellow police, he suddenly realized, in an instant, that the NoHeads were responsible. Worst of all, before the attack began, he felt Sebiscuits’ ascension into NoHead’s new apprentice. Despite being filled with grief, he was still able to defend himself.

They then went to the conquered police station so they could rescue any survivors. As they clashed with a legion of robot soldiers, Paige rejoined them via speeder bike, her mechnohand now installed. Together, they infiltrated the base, and saw the station littered with the bodies of fallen police, who had been slaughtered with a sword. They fought their way through to the control room and came across recordings on a security camera that showed his former apprentice cutting down several police, and bowing before NoHead and being proclaimed his new apprentice. Although Baby Intelligence was heartbroken, Paige managed to rouse him to action.

Just then, Sebiscuits entered the room and challenged the entire group. Baby Intelligence could only watch as he blasted Force Baby, electrocuted Paige, and cut Baby Strength across the shoulder. Intelligence came face to face with the traitor and attempted to reason with him, to no avail. Left with no choice, he drew his sword and dueled with him. As they fought, the battle progressed throughout the State Capitol building.

In the end, Baby Intelligence managed to defeat Sebiscuits by telekinetically shattering both of his weapons. Before he could act on this, however, Mr. Stupid NoHead intervened and blasted him away from Sebiscuits, before picking him up. Intelligence threw a homing beacon on the ship. Despite this, the beacon failed to deliver, and Greg Hecks was killed soon before.

Protecting the KellermansEdit

Later, Baby Intelligence learned of a prophecy foretelling the death of the NoHeads. He was surprised to learn that Mr. Stupid NoHead had concluded that the prophecy was about Lindsay Kellerman, the daughter of Zach and Bridgett Kellerman. Along with Sheriff Bladepoint, Baby Intelligence made arrangements to ensure the safety of the three; he advised them to stay hidden in their house, which was protected by a Taboo. However, their Secret-Keeper (believed by Baby Intelligence and everyone else to be Sheriff Bladepoint, but was in truth Mykew Hadeline) betrayed them, resulting in Zach and Bridgett’s deaths at NoHead’s hands. However, as NoHead attempted to murder Lindsay, she turned invisible and his lightning backfired. NoHead left in a rage, and Lindsay’s fate was sealed.

Battle of the NoHead Base Edit

Baby Intelligence later called a meeting, and said they needed to strike back. An hour later, he led the S.M.S.B. against the NoHead fleet in orbit near the NoHead base, beginning a vicious sky battle. His piloting talents and leadership skills led to a victory.

A mysterious vessel caught his eye, and he was drawn from the battle after determining that the pilot was Mr. Stupid NoHead. As the others descended to the base, Baby Intelligence and NoHead engaged in a dogfight. NoHead finally headed back to base, and Intelligence followed the enigmatic skyfighter through an intense chase through the halls of the base.

Finally, Baby Intelligence deserted the fight. Meanwhile, the others revealed themselves to the NoHeads. At the same time, NoHead had left to a balcony with his comrades. Intelligence met up with the others, only to deal with an army of Rockets. With that, a heated but short battle followed, during which Sebiscuits decapitated Paige.

Mr. Stupid NoHead, who was personally overseeing the battle, turned his rage on Rotta, believing the entire war was her fault. After electrocuting her and smashing her into a balcony, NoHead prepared to murder her. Yet as NoHead cast lightning, Rotta simultaneously cast her own lightning, and their streams locked together. NoHead won the battle of wills and tortured Rotta before knocking her off the balcony. Baby Intelligence witnessed this and was horror-struck. He began to cry as he hugged Rotta’s corpse. NoHead goaded him from the balcony.

With that, Baby Intelligence’s rage exploded. Climbing to NoHead’s position, Intelligence tapped into the dark side and used his hate and anger to boost his physical prowess. He then attacked NoHead with such intensity that their swords’ energy shells began to short out. NoHead, taken completely off guard by Intelligence’s sudden increase in power and aggression, was forced onto his back foot and quickly driven into the balcony’s adjoining hall. Intelligence continued to hammer NoHead with vicious power attacks until NoHead lost his footing and collapsed against a railing on the side of the bridge. After a few more blows, Intelligence drove NoHead’s sword aside with an undercut, causing him to collapse onto the floor. As Baby Intelligence held his defenseless enemy at bladepoint, NoHead fired lightning, blasting him aside. Baby Intelligence righted himself and knocked NoHead off the balcony. There, he snatched the metal tube.

Mr. Stupid NoHead attacked Baby Intelligence with a jet of lightning, which Baby Intelligence countered with a cord of red light. As both attacks collided producing a heating effect, the two bolts connected. NoHead redirected his lightning (still locked in battle with Intelligence) in all directions, with lightning-like tendrils ejecting from the main beam, but was unsuccessful and instead hit the ground and several of his own troops, causing chairs to explode and parts of the walls to come crashing down on the floor. NoHead slashed his hand to break the connection and quickly breathed fire and conjured a huge, fiery cord. The fire, which was not corporeal, realized the presence of Baby Intelligence, striking down in an attempt to destroy him. Backing up, Intelligence countered with the metal tube and gathered the flames for himself, whirling them into a fiery ring like mass, and sent them hurtling towards NoHead. NoHead took the hit and essentially died with sparks pouring from his screaming form. This action deactivated the robot army and caused Burnbottom to flee to Wyoming with his brothers.

One-week armisticeEdit

After the battle, Baby Intelligence headed home with the only two S.M.S.B. members left - Baby Strength and Force Baby. On the way, he realized this and commended them for their loyalty. When they arrived, he said they got a free period (though in reality, he did not have the time or energy for their afternoon exercises). Two hours later, he burned Rotta's corpse in a private cremation. The following morning, he heard the ghost of Rotta speaking to him. Hearing this, Baby Intelligence believed he was having hallucinations. The following day, he had a full medical checkup, during which time the doctor claimed that nothing was wrong with him.

The War ContinuesEdit

Fighting the Lunch Money BanditEdit

Two weeks after Rotta Hecks’ death, Baby Intelligence and the only remaining members, Baby Strength and Force Baby, were conversing on a rooftop in the night when they noticed a robbery going on below. They cornered the Lunch Money Bandit, who had just barely stolen lunch money from Percy and Stephanie. They pounce on the mugger and manage to shake the stolen money off of him, which lands before Percy and Stephanie’s feet. The bandit reacted by launching a grenade. However, Lindsay Kellerman, who was an orphan in the same alleyway, made the grenade disappear. Baby Strength grabbed the crook and, with Force Baby’s help, threw him into Officer Walltalker’s patrol car.

Discovering Lindsay Edit

Believing he has found the baby he had foreseen would join them, Baby Intelligence brought Lindsay with them. Lindsay arrives at Baby Intelligence’s office, where Baby Intelligence introduces himself and tells her he has identified her power of Disappiration. He asks her if she will join, and Lindsay extends her hand to shake on it. However, this is interrupted by a recently-installed alarm. Everyone rushes to the Pinewood Derby to stop a bank robbery. On the way, Baby Intelligence introduces her to the other members: Baby Strength and Force Baby, reduced from Sebiscuits and Paige.

They arrived at the bank, but they were too late to prevent the robbery. However, Baby Intelligence did realize that Mr. Stupid NoHead was most likely the culprit. Lindsay babbled in fear. Intelligence thought she was asking who NoHead was, and he told her. They then mounted to their car and headed off to face the villain.

They arrived at the NoHead base, and their arrival was detected immediately. Angered, Mr. Stupid NoHead confronted the group. Baby Intelligence seized a log for defense. During the fight, NoHead nearly knocked Lindsay into the fireplace; however, Baby Intelligence leaped forward and pushed her away. However, he accidentally tumbled to the edge of a window. Seeing his chance, NoHead tried throwing some logs at the baby in order to knock him out the window, only to have the hero knock one back at him with his own log, bayonet, dislodging the NoHead’s hat. However, when NoHead tossed a wagon at his opponent, Intelligence was successfully knocked out the window.

Baby Intelligence rolled away into a trap beginning with a savage waterfall made entirely of tomato juice. He was then knocked into a vast chamber, where a pack of hungry wolves await. Intelligence did not revert to telekinesis, believing there were too many. At that moment, the other members arrived, and together they engaged the wolves and came out ahead. When the fight ended, Lindsay apparated everyone back into the NoHead base, leaving herself for last.

When the S.M.S.B. returned, Baby Intelligence noticed a death machine and spoke German to make it self-destruct. The explosion woke Mr. Stupid NoHead, and he entered the room to discover the wreckage. Baby Intelligence rushed at the angry villain, at which point NoHead ignited his sword and continuously tried to strike his opponent. Baby Intelligence leaped away to the edge of the platform. Thinking he had Intelligence cornered, NoHead leaped toward him to finish him off. However, Intelligence blocked his sword with his log and pushed him over the edge of the platform. NoHead fell into the fire lying below and immediately burned to death.

With NoHead finally destroyed, Baby Intelligence, Baby Strength, Force Baby, and Lindsay all returned to the Pinewood Derby, which was still parked outside the base. On the way home, Baby Intelligence declared that they had found a keeper, clearly referring to Lindsay. Everyone cheered.

Being that Hell Burnbottom still existed, Baby Intelligence believed that a NoHead must still remain.

Two-Week ArmsticeEdit

The day after the battle, Baby Intelligence returned to the NoHead base and took the surviving wolves to a rescue organization that took the wolves.

Throughout the next week, Baby Intelligence taught Lindsay the basics of sword combat, and also designed and sewed her supersuit. As a result of Mr. Stupid NoHead's demise, the S.M.S.B. organized a great victory celebration on the streets of town. Percy and Stephanie were present. Baby Intelligence chose this point and time to give Lindsay her supersuit. However, about halfway across the celebration a building-eating monster threatened the town. Along with Lindsay, the S.M.S.B. leaped to face it. Eventually, the came out ahead.

First Battle of the Yellowstone Base Edit

Determined to rescue Role, locate the new base, and destroy the NoHeads, Baby Intelligence, accompanied by Lindsay, Baby Strength, and Force Baby, was able to locate and open the Chamber using his fluency in German. Once they got down into the Chamber, it was not long before they encountered Hell Burnbottom, Brute Gunray, and Mean King. Mean King quickly took down Force Baby. While Burnbottom engaged Baby Strength and Lindsay, Baby Intelligence slipped away, but not before seeing Baby Strength go down.

During the battle, Baby Intelligence ventured down into the control room and quickly located the blabberish voice box. He used his sword to destroy the box inside the Chamber, then escaped a burst of flames thereafter.  Baby Intelligence returned to confront Hell Burnbottom, after he had grievously wounded Lindsay. After deflecting Burnbottom’s powers, among which was lightning, Baby Intelligence resorted to sword combat. A sword duel began between the two and Intelligence almost managed to defeat Burnbottom, however the NoHead telekinetically dropped a pillar over Lindsay and Baby Strength. Intelligence had to turn and push them away. As the pillar crashed, Burnbottom made his escape.

Ambush and Discovery Edit

Baby Intelligence was chatting merrily with the other members when he encountered a NoHead probe droid watching them. Intelligence sensed the intrusion and struck the droid down, yet the damage was already done.

The NoHead Hell Burnbottom had been trailing the S.M.S.B. and recovered his destroyed probe during the night. The next morning, everyone boarded the Pinewood Derby, Baby Intelligence and Lindsay taking up the rear. As they approached, they were intercepted by Burnbottom who nearly knocked down Lindsay with his speeder. Baby Intelligence fought the villain in a vicious sword duel as the ship took off behind him. As they dueled, Burnbottom sensed that Baby Intelligence was growing tired and decided to press the attack. Jumping high, the baby managed to land on the boarding ramp as the ship soared away, leaving Burnbottom behind in their garage. However, the Pinewood Derby was nearly out of fuel. Baby Intelligence landed in the back of a junkyard.  Hoping to find some fuel, Baby Intelligence entered the shop, where he encountered the junk dealer Albert Herrington and his slave, a mutant baby named Tyler. The boy possessed incredible power. Baby Intelligence agreed to help Tyler, who was building a skyracer. In the junkyard, he acquired necessary machine parts—a mass coupler and a servo control system for the racing vehicle.

This section assumes a deleted scene really happened. It may not have occurred canonically.

Albert agreed to hold a skyrace, and promised that if Tyler won, he would get to join them. In order to bet on Tyler during the Great Sky Race, Baby Intelligence agreed to meet Empress Zira, Queen of the U.S.A., in order to borrow money from the monarch. He met her assistant soon after. He gave him directions, which led to an arena under Zira’s throne room. Zira offered Intelligence 25 dollars if he could defeat her monstrous champion in a death match. Intelligence was able to achieve victory over the beast, and took the money. He then left the arena after Zira. Impressed by his skill and cunning, Zira opened the exit. Intelligence found himself in a lounge and asked the tailor where to find his transport. The tailor took him to the transport, and he hurried back to New York City. After returning the transport, Intelligence regrouped with the others in the grandstands.

Baby Intelligence then headed down to the starting line, and met with Tyler. When he arrived there, someone had stolen the ignition key from Tyler’s racer. Intelligence tracked down the thief around the bottom of the arena and removed a loose block in the wall, which took him to another room where he encountered the scavenger, who refused to return the key and attacked Intelligence. Mechanized blasters appeared and fired at Intelligence during the clash. Intelligence was forced to kill the scavenger and destroy the guns; he then brought the key back to Tyler.

Ultimately, Tyler won the race. Later, Baby Intelligence was able to release him from slavery as planned, when he bet Albert on the boy’s victory at the Great Skyrace. The wager also resulted in obtaining fuel for their ship. Baby Intelligence applied the fuel, then returned to free Tyler. Outside of the junkyard, Baby Intelligence sold Tyler’s racer to Whammo, then went to find Tyler. He found him saying goodbye to an old friend. As they left, Baby Intelligence handed Tyler the money he had acquired by selling the plane.  Baby Intelligence and Tyler returned to the junkyard, where he revealed that the baby had been freed from slavery. Excited, Tyler said goodbye to Albert and agreed to go with Intelligence to train as an S.M.S.B. member. His new name would be Telekinibabe. With their means to return to the NoHead base secured, Baby Intelligence and his new charge headed to the backyard to meet up with their companions. Both mounted the Pinewood Derby, and everyone took off at last.

Alliance Edit

Telekinibabe convinced Baby Intelligence to take them to the police to form an alliance. Upon their return to the police station, they landed in the swamps. While Baby Strength went to find the police, Intelligence waited with the others, discussing on whether the police could be swayed. He also told Telekinibabe what was to happen.

Baby Strength emerged from the swamp, stating that the city had been abandoned, so he led the S.M.S.B. to the older station. On the way, they battled many NoHead troops, who were sometimes already fighting policemen. The laser cannons proved especially essential to sink a NoHead Ocean Transport and to travel up the lake.

After that, they encountered five more Aqua Rockets guarding a bridge, along with more regular Rockets. Past the bridge, the Derby swerved past a set of ruins. After the ruins, they faced 7 more Rockets.

They soon arrived at the old police station, where Baby Intelligence attempted to convince Sheriff Bladepoint to unify with them and oust the NoHeads for good. Bladepoint agreed, and the two warring groups hastily put an end to their dispute to concentrate on a more pressing issue: the common foe. Baby Intelligence and Sheriff Bladepoint then formed a plan to bring the NoHeads to justice. The plan would consist of him leading a strike team into the NoHead base and capture the NoHeads, while at the same time the Police Grand Army, led by Dexter and Force Baby, would lead a ground assault to distract the Rocket army.

Second Battle of the Yellowstone Base Edit

After Sheriff Bladepoint joined them, Baby Intelligence and Lindsay started out aiding Bladepoint and his group after they infiltrated the city.

The babies were walking along the deserted streets of the base when they were attacked by a Rocket on an NBV vehicle. They reflected its bullets back at it, destroying the Rocket and causing the platform to crash, intact. The two babies decided to ride it and another one they found through the streets, destroying numerous Rockets and Bratpros before they eventually dismounted at the cliffs surrounding the base.

They then proceeded to track down the base. Lindsay suggested they use the latch, but Baby Intelligence said they were surely removed by now. When they found it, they rejoined the Sheriff’s strikeforce outside of the Yellowstone Hangar. Baby Intelligence and Lindsay led the team inside, where they faced resistance from Rockets, which were quickly eliminated, but not before the droids alerted the NoHeads themselves.

The strike force was discovered, and with Rocket reinforcements on the way, Lindsay was asked to assist the resistance in securing the hangar by destroying the 4 power cells powering the doors. A policeman individually lowered the shields on the power cells, and Lindsay sliced through each one when its shield was down. The others provided covering fire, and in Baby Intelligence’s case, sword cover while Lindsay was disabling the power cells. They faced several Rockets, along with robotic fighters in walker mode which rose up from below the hangar.

Lewis ordered the police to regroup, and the strike force moved toward the third floor. Then the doors opened, revealing the familiar warrior wielding his double-bladed sword Baby Intelligence had engaged twice. Parting from Baby Strength, the two babies moved to attack him. After Hell Burnbottom appeared, Baby Strength and the police continued the long way, but they were then pinned down by a squad of Bratpros. Telekinibabe, taking refuge in a local skyfighter, accidentally took off, destroyed the droids with the craft’s far stronger laser cannon blasts, and headed to the control station. The babies and NoHead engaged in a duel that waged on into the Generator Complex while everyone else left the hangar through a separate door.

While the Sheriff and his posse went to stop Brute Gunray and Mean King, the two babies engaged Burnbottom. The sword duel was frenzied and brutal, moving through the hangar and into the Generator Complex, where they fought on the precarious catwalks. When Burnbottom kicked Lindsay over the edge of the catwalk they were fighting on, Baby Intelligence was forced to continue the duel alone. While his student rushed to catch up, Intelligence and Burnbottom moved on, passing through an impenetrable force field system to a bottomless pit. The fields closed between them, separating the combatants momentarily, but also separated Lindsay from Baby Intelligence, 9 shields apart. Intelligence took advantage of the break in the duel to crouch down and meditate. When the shields deactivated, Intelligence immediately attacked Burnbottom while Lindsay rushed to help her Master.

However, the shields closed again, preventing Lindsa from aiding her mentor. Although Baby Intelligence was one of the best duelists of all time, his preferred practice of Form IV proved disadvantageous in the confined space of the cooling pit, as Ataru required a wide, open space for its energetic acrobatics and multi-angular bladework. Also, Burnbottom had the advantage of experience and pure strength, while at the same time recognizing his opponent’s weariness.

The end result was Baby Intelligence being hit in the face with Burnbottom’s hilt, leaving him stunned and slashed. Baby Intelligence faked death from the blow. Meanwhile, Burnbottom turned his attention to Lindsay and taunted the baby, saying that he had found her Master somewhat disappointing.

Lindsay rushed to face Burnbottom as soon as the shields opened, and as she continued to duel Burnbottom, Lindsay succeeded in slicing the NoHead’s double-bladed sword hilt in half, but was then knocked into the pit. Though Lindsay managed to hold onto the edge of the pit, she lost her sword, leaving her defenseless. Ultimately, Lindsay defeated Burnbottom when she apparated from the pit, called her Master’s sword to her hand, and felled the villain.

Skirmish In The Bench StoreEdit

As Mean King waited for word from Brute Gunray, Baby Intelligence and Force Baby entered the office. Quickly dispatching Mean King’s Rocket guards with his sword, Baby Intelligence confronted Mean King, who dueled them both. He managed to knock out Force Baby, then attacked Intelligence with lightning. His disgust soon turned to delight as he realized his wish to fight Intelligence had come true. Baby Intelligence quickly fought back and pulled out his sword. Mean King then drew his sword and the duel began.

The duel moved into the store itself, where the two mutants engaged in a saber duel on the desk. The two fought until Mean King leaped away. The fight tore apart most of the Bench Store as Mean King was trying to crush the S.M.S.B. leader by throwing benches at him. The S.M.S.B. leader and the last NoHead son were counterpoised. As the duel progressed, and Mean King continued his telekinetic assault, Intelligence managed to catch one of the benches and flung it back at Mean King, who leapt out of it’s path. Intelligence took the chance to engage the distracted Dark Lord at close quarters once again, but Mean King disarmed him.

The diminutive baby was forced to use his gadget to withstand Mean King’s lightning. Mean King’s power was great, but Intelligence was able to resist his might, and he attempted to redirect the lightning. As the two duelists attempted to overpower each other, the energy between the two suddenly exploded. The blast hurled them apart, ending the battle. Mean King was able to grasp the edge of a nearby bench, while Intelligence crashed into the desk and fell down to the floor of the Bench Store. Mean King leaped after, only to be decapitated. Baby Strength called and said he had defeated Brute Gunray.

Between the Wars (May 2020-2037)Edit

Duel With Cygnus EvansEdit

After getting the article, the S.M.S.B. immediately went to stop the Lunch Money Bandit. When they finally found him in the Third NoHead base, they were forced to bypass several exhausting barriers and they were picked off one-by-one, leaving only Baby Intelligence and Force Baby to locate him in the main chamber. They engaged Cygnus in a fierce duel. The Lunch Money Bandit finally had to relinquish, and faked his own death. Satisfied, Baby Intelligence called the group away. The S.M.S.B. members left, thinking they had won.

Volcanic Clash Edit

Baby Intelligence was reminded of Sebiscuits’ existence by a newspaper article, and purusued him along with the other members of the S.M.S.B. After a chase, Sebiscuits drove them into a volcano. Once Sebiscuits climbed inside, Intelligence attempted to reason with the NoHead. Sebiscuits refused to be swayed, and Intelligence resultedly drew his sword. With a murderous battle cry, Sebiscuits drew his and leaped at Intelligence, and a great battle began. Sebiscuits viciously drove Baby Intelligence back through the complex with his mastery of Ataru, however he was unable to penetrate Intelligence’s mastery of the same form. Their bout in the control room of the volcano deactivated the energy shield protecting the settlement, so when their fight spread to the collection arms of the facility, they were forced to dodge a rain of fire. While they were fighting, the lava caused the collection arms structure to weaken and eventually collapse and break loose.

Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits continued to fight on the collection arm as it floated down a lava river, but Baby Intelligence leaped off onto one of the platforms floating above the river. He turned to find his enemy perched on another platform, having leaped from the structure before it plunged to oblivion. As their fight continued they floated back upriver. Baby Intelligence desperately tried to reason with Sebiscuits, but Sebiscuits seemed beyond redemption. As their battle edged close to shore, Baby Intelligence took his chance and leaped onto the shore, gaining the high ground over Sebiscuits. Although Intelligence warned Sebiscuits off, the NoHead refused and lunged at his former master, only to have his right arm and both legs cut off, sending the NoHead tumbling down the lava bank.

As Baby Intelligence watched Sebiscuits scream in agony, his old apprentice screamed hatred for him. Intelligence stared at his old apprentice, sadness in his eyes and replied that he still loved him despite his sins. As he watched Sebiscuits’ graphic near-immolation from the heat of the lava, he retrieved the NoHead’s sword. However, he changed his mind and rescued the Dark Lord from what was almost a horrific fiery demise. After being rebuilt in a life-support suit, Sebiscuits thanked Intelligence for saving him and begged for a reapplication to the S.M.S.B.

Growing Up (2021-27) Edit

After that fateful duel, Baby Intelligence built a motor home over the next few months whilst also continuing the training of the other members. When the vehicle was complete, he rallied the S.M.S.B. together, and they began a new mission to purge any criminals in the U.S.A. and wipe all evil off their country. During the mission, which became known as American Purge, they virtually lived in the motor home. One of the most difficult criminals they faced was Spicy Mead. In 2023, they returned successful two years later, and Master Intelligence allowed the others five days of free time where they could relax and play. When this period was over, he continued to train the other members. He himself received exclusive training from Rotta Hecks’ spirit. In 2025 he took the name of Master Intelligence, which he would go by for life. In 2027, he sensed an unusual amount of crimes being committed. He found the source was a man named Darren Slade, who had been possessed by Mr. Stupid NoHead’s spirit, and engaged him in combat. Master Intelligence won the duel and was able to help Slade eject NoHead from his body, and Darren was more himself. As a result, Master Intelligence made sure Darren was not arrested for the crimes he had been forced to commit.

Meeting Jonathan (2028)Edit

In 2028, rumors of a former NoHead base in Albany compelled Jaden Vang, the leader of the Outpost in the Appalachian Mountains, to mount an expedition there. Vang brought a homeless orphan named Jonathan with him, as he knew his skills as a mechanic and believed they would come in handy. Vang also brought six hired protectors with him. Together, they attempted to find the rumored base. However, on the way, they were mobbed by a band of thieves. However, Master Intelligence, who was scouting the area for any sign of NoHead activity, happened to be nearby. He intervened and was able to rescue the party and drive off the thugs, who did not wish to contend with his might. Jaden Vang offered him a pay of 35 dollars for saving them, but Intelligence replied that he did not take charity for his heroics. Jonathan thanked Master Intelligence and, due to his current life, asked him if he could go with him to the MBH and be tested for joining the S.M.S.B. Intelligence already knew that Jonathan wanted to join and he was a child, filling in two of the three current guidelines. In response, the mutant asked him what his powers were. When Jonathan said he had no powers, the mutant shook his head, stating that only mutants could join. After saying goodbye to Jonathan, Intelligence also shook hands with the thugs and learned their names. After this, Intelligence finished scouting the area. The hunting party chose to turn back afterwards.

Rotta Hecks' Warning (2029)Edit

Master Intelligence also conversed with the ghosts of Rotta Hecks and Paige often, which he usually did in private. However, he did introduce Sebiscuits to them once, in 2029, and Sebiscuits apologized for murdering Paige. A few months later, they also warned him that the ghosts of Hell Burnbottom and Mr. Stupid NoHead were formulating a plot and would soon come back, with the help of two mutants they had went up against before.

Eve of War (2031)Edit

Master Intelligence

Master Intelligence in 2033.

Master Intelligence was 14 years old when the NoHeads resurfaced. At that point he was still teaching the S.M.S.B. when Cynthia Thomas joined the group and took the name of Red X. He trained her along with the others, and personally helped her create her sword. However, he realized she did not always know what they were talking about, and as such arranged to personally tutor her later.

One night, Master Intelligence awoke at about three in the morning. He immediately sensed enemy movements outside his room. Grabbing his sword, which was in a drawer with a release switch, he left his room to search for any intruders and due to Whammo Fireball’s neglect, managed to locate Cygnus Evans. Still in his pajamas, Master Intelligence dueled him briefly. Cygnus called Whammo, who showed up and linked hands before Disapparating away from the MBH. Intelligence was highly eluded by this, and realized the NoHeads would return soon. The next morning, when everyone met together for their first class, he told them about what had happened. Later on, the S.M.S.B. made plates of their own, which they would later “have a delicious surprise supper on them”.

Third NoHead War (June 2031-May 2033) Edit

During the surprise supper, Lindsay Kellerman touched her plate and was mysteriously transported to Lioness graveyard. There, Lindsay was bound and a few of her hairs were taken as the final ingredient in a potion the Dark Lord used to return to full power. Using the plate, Lindsay was able to escape Hell Burnbottom and return to the MBH. In tears, Lindsay told him the NoHeads had returned. Master Intelligence was not surprised, but chose to conceal this from her.

After Lindsay’s warning, Master Intelligence continued teaching, even beginning a cooking class. Just after the group began to play dodgeball together, Sebiscuits had a vision predicting that only he could defeat Hell Burnbottom. Sebiscuits declared to Master Intelligence and Lindsay that he would risk his life to stop the NoHeads personally, and left the MBH in his skyfighter. Intelligence left with Lindsay, who returned to the gym. The leader of the S.M.S.B. went to meditate on the subsequent battle. He became devastated at the odds and quickly took action, rallying the other members in a desperate rescue mission.

Battle of Bast CastleEdit

Upon leaving for Bast Castle, the group was attacked by over 30 robotic fighters. Master Intelligence rode in his skyfighter, and he was attacked by multiple fighters and eventually Hell Burnbottom himself. Burnbottom, using his ability to fly, went straight for Master Intelligence. When the NoHead caught up with him, Intelligence fired the afterburners, blasting off toward Bast Castle. Burnbottom then went after Baby Strength and Red X, who were fighting side-by-side. Red X thought this was the end, but then her hand suddenly fired lightning at him, destroying his metal tube during the battle. Burnbottom prepared to attack Baby Strength, but Master Intelligence intervened and forced the antagonist to retreat. He then landed in the base, with Red X and all the skyfighters close behind.

When Hell Burnbottom and his army approached with a dead Sebiscuits, Master Intelligence screamed in horror and denial. However, Sebiscuits came back to life that very moment and jumped out of Hell Burnbottom’s arms. The Battle of Bast Castle soon resumed, and Master Intelligence fought in the following battle.

Tracking Lindsay to the construction site, he found her dueling Hell Burnbottom, but struggling. Subsequently an intense duel erupted between all three mutants; arguably the most powerful of their time. They all displayed a deep talent, though Burnbottom was forced to flee the battle after Intelligence imprisoned him within a dome of water. As Burnbottom fled, he briefly possessed Lindsay, hoping that Master Intelligence would sacrifice the teenager in an attempt to kill him. However, Red X arrived and hit Burnbottom with a fatal beam from his own weapon. Burnbottom did not survive the impact. Intelligence was pleased to learn Whammo Fireball and Cygnus Evans had both gone down as well. When everyone returned to the MBH, Master Intelligence had a talk with Lindsay and Red X. Eventually, he started a yearbook with Lindsay.


Rescue of George Thames (July 2033)Edit

In June 2033, Master Intelligence recovered the teleportation device after he found it in the dirt, presumably hidden. He subsequently used it to teleport into Bast Castle, hoping to see if anyone was captured and being held there. He rescued the two that he found, George Thames and Evans, subsequently saving them from starvation.

S.M.S.B.-Knights of Plague conflict (2038-2042)Edit

The GladiatorEdit

In 2035, Master Intelligence received wind that Nagatha had come back to life. Whilst trying to get to the bottom of it, Master Intelligence, alone, met the Gladiator for the first time. Realizing the Gladiator was too dangerous to be left alive, he drew his sword and attempted to cut him down, but to no avail, as the Gladiator Apparated away with Nagatha. Master Intelligence immediately realized it was the Gladiator who had brought Nagatha back from the dead.

Training Red X Edit

Throughout the year of 2036, Master Intelligence passed on certain pieces of information to Red X that would be important for the girl about the NoHeads, hoping to catch her up with the other members. Master Intelligence held private lessons with her.

Duel With The GladiatorEdit

Later on, Master Intelligence encountered the Gladiator. After calling Red X back, Master Intelligence engaged the Gladiator in a duel. The Gladiator, however, parried his initial attack and then tortured Master Intelligence and tried to possess him for good, but when it didn't work, he tried to murder him using his sword. The nature of their swords' mystical connection caused their swords to interlock with the first attack, which created an effect called Pitial Defilatelum (Bladelock Effect). After a battle of wills with the Gladiator, Master Intelligence was interceded by Red X, who blasted the Gladiator away. She then grabbed Master Intelligence's hand and they were able to escape.

Discovering AndromedaEdit

When Alyssa Smith, who already knew she did not belong, discovered her powers, she immediately asked her parents if she could join the S.M.S.B., knowing this must be her destiny. That same day, Alyssa's father called in and asked if Alyssa could join the S.M.S.B. After packing up, her father drove her to the MBH and she asked if she could apply. Master Intelligence began testing her memory and knowledge, beginning by asking her several questions, such as why she wanted to join. He then gave her an IQ test and a social quiz of his own design. When she passed these, he began to test Alyssa’s abilities through several vigorous exercises, including an obstacle course. When Andromeda managed to complete these, her maturity was tested on a computer. Afterwards, she passed and was introduced to the other S.M.S.B. members. She also took the nickname of Andromeda.

Andromeda did her best to train with the other members, but she was quickly failing in the exercises. As such, Master Intelligence resolved to teach her alone. However, Andromeda proved herself after Nagatha attacked the MBH and she drove her off before killing her. Her spirits raised, Andromeda began to improve on the training exercises.

Battle of TransylvaniaEdit

Later, the S.M.S.B. would encounter a new villain called the Gladiator. At this point, Andromeda also joined the S.M.S.B. The S.M.S.B. members fought hard in two rounds of combat, but were eventually captured. The villain then proceeded to reveal an electric bomb with the capacity to destroy the entire continent once it was released. Red X asked Baby Strength to free her, as he had used his Super strength to break free himself. Baby Strength did this. The villain launched the bomb, but Red X leaped in front of it, causing it to hit her instead and sacrificing herself in the process. The bomb never got past her torso, but it gave her a slow, painful death. The villain did not have any more bombs to launch. In his fury, Master Intelligence was able to break out of his immobi rays and attack the villain, and quickly managed to defeat him. The Gladiator was later locked in a prison he himself had built to hold his enemies. Everybody regretted Red X's death, but as a result of it everybody else survived. Eventually, Master Intelligence buried Red X next to Paige.

Shadow WarsEdit

Discovering Centauri Edit

After defeating the Gladiator, Master Intelligence returned to New York City full of bitter resentment at his situation, feeling trapped and wasted. Fortune finally shone on Intelligence in the form of Thomas Meyer, who was at the home of Myra Gordon to research the Sword of Abomination. Meyer was as talented as Master Intelligence was. Intelligence quickly became fascinated by Thomas’s ideas of domination, obviously considering Thomas an unexpected new chance to show his own brilliance and come out of the local misery. Eventually, Thomas joined the S.M.S.B. and took the name of Centauri. Intelligence regretted his relationship with Centauri later in life. They began a quest to locate the Sword and become its true masters.

Filming With Rocken RoleEdit

In 2051, Master Intelligence portrayed rock star Rocken Role in “Shipped to Hell”, a fictional film about Rocken Role and Rebecca Black becoming friends and having to escape hell together with Master Intelligence’s help that was from writer-director Gloria Sigismond. Master Intelligence met with Role over the 2060–2061 New Year to prepare for the role; he prerecorded songs in a studio for the film. The successful film also premiered at the 2062 Moonwalk Film Festival on 24 January 2062. Master Intelligence, Rocken Role, and Role’s partner Wesley Carrier appeared at the festival for the company’s promotion. Telekinibabe and Sebiscuits were also present here.

Master Intelligence received praise for his performance: the Metro Times wrote, “It turns out that Master Intelligence is actually really good at acting as well as crime-fighting. He excelled at capturing Role’s icy, tough-but-cool guy demeanor, adding the needed touches of childishness that transform it into a pretty terrific performance... Intelligence is a genuine star here.” Also, A. O. Scott of The New York Times noted “Master Intelligence, talented and unassuming, gives the movie its spine and soul, just like our town.” The same year, Master Intelligence was paid $10,000 for his movie role in 2061. He shared much of the money with the other members of the S.M.S.B., giving them 300 dollars each (leaving him with $8,200), telling them it’s “yours to do as you wish.” Stephanie, who had developed something of a crush on Master Intelligence, also remarked that “I always thought Master Intelligence was a badass, but this brings his swagger into a whole new light.” Master Intelligence was listed as the number 1 actor of the year by Billboard.

Force Baby Dies Edit

However, after two decades, Centauri began to question the reality of the S.M.S.B. He spoke to Master Intelligence about this, who tried to comfort him as they went to check on Baby Strength and Force Baby. Intelligence declared he no longer desired the Sword of Abomination, leading to a heated argument that Baby Strength eventually intervened in. Centauri reminded him that he planned to share the Sword of Abomination and world domination with him once both had been acquired. Intelligence then said he understood Centauri was turning to the dark side, refusing to help him any longer. Baby Strength whispered his suggestion to kill Centauri on the spot, and Intelligence told him off again. With that, Centauri lost control and drew his sword, displaying the “darker side” of his nature that Master Intelligence had always attempted to ignore or deny. Baby Strength drew his own weapon, but Intelligence originally turned away. Centauri then used lightning on Baby Strength until Intelligence pushed him away. Intelligence told Baby Strength to leave with Force Baby, but Baby Strength refused. A violent duel erupted between the three men.

"You’ve lost your mind, Centauri! Stop this, while you can!"
―Master Intelligence[src]

After speed-glitching back to the scene, Centauri hurled Baby Strength aside and slammed Master Intelligence into the ceiling. Intelligence used a classic technique he had learned to cushion the impact before returning to the ground, only to intercept a cord of fire from Centauri. Intelligence dispelled the flames before whirling them into a fiery ring like mass, and sent them hurtling towards Centauri. Centauri likewise defended himself by causing the flames to disappear. Intelligence rushed at him, deflecting several death beams as he did, and threw Centauri to the ground. Centauri, however, threw him aside, to which Intelligence responded to by hurling a series of ropes at Centauri, binding him in moments. As Centauri tried to squeeze free, Intelligence drew his sword and held his new enemy at bladepoint, proclaiming he would take him to prison, but at that moment Baby Strength broke the ropes and declared Centauri had to die. The three duelists were counterpoised. As Force Baby watched in horror, they began to duel sword-to-sword. Centauri easily held off his enemies, then kicked Master Intelligence and hurled lightning at him. Master Intelligence countered with a torrent of energy from cuffs he was using, and the two energy attacks connected. Centauri broke the connection and fired a stun beam that incapacitated Baby Strength. He lunged at Master Intelligence, knocking him to the ground, but Intelligence knocked Centauri aside. Baby Strength recovered and brought his sword to attack, and the duel resumed.

When Centauri wounded Baby Strength, Master Intelligence was left to fight alone. Both of them immediately fired energy and lightning, and their attacks connected again. As the bolts locked together, Intelligence made one last attempt to reason with Centauri, but Centauri did not answer. He then hurled the tendrils into the wall, causing a small explosion where it hit and hurling both opponents to the ground. Force Baby himself tried to intervene in the fight, but couldn’t due to his erratic abilities, and in the ensuing chaos, Master Intelligence fired a torrent of energy from cuffs he was using, which the Dark Flame countered with lightning, and the bolts locked together. Force Baby used the Force to break the connection. However, the death beams rebounded into Force Baby, and he died. The blast had knocked Master Intelligence and Centauri unconscious; Intelligence awoke to see Baby Strength running to Force Baby’s corpse and crying in grief. No one knew whose curse it was that killed him, but Centauri fled immediately, as he already had a bad record back home, leaving the devastated Master Intelligence behind.

However, as Master Intelligence was educating the other S.M.S.B. members, the Dark Flame was still at large in America, building up an army, and had already found the Sword of Abomination, which he used to terrorize the continent.

The Mutant Ball Edit

Asian Revolution (2073-2139)Edit

In 2071, Master Intelligence and the other members embarked on the Asian Revolution, not knowing Centauri had become the Dark Flame. This mission was intended to purge any criminals in Asia.

In 2104, thirty years after Centauri fled the MBH, Anakin Organa sent Terror Team fighter Luke Cameron, the son of Saul Cameron, to Palmyra to warn Eegan Grover about an imminent attack by the Dark Flame and recover the Map of Light, which Master Intelligence had left behind unintentionally. Anakin hoped his friend and savior would return and help in the fight against the dark side. The Knights of Meyer also learned of the Map and sought it so they could destroy the mere thread of the light side. Eegan gave the Map to his son, Jason Grover, who in turn gave it to his sister Britney, before the Dark Flame and the Knights of Meyer arrived. The Dark Flame killed Eegan and took Jason into custody in the hopes of finding the Map, while Britney and Sue remained at their house. Near the end of the Asian Revolution, Master Intelligence and the S.M.S.B. were trapped in a landslide. When Master Intellignece emerged from it, he was surprised to find that Rocken Role had just arrived. After a brief talk, Role revealed that his assistant was captured by Mella Montgomery, and likely killed. Role then left to finish his mission. Knowing Mella was the head of a criminal empire in China, Master Intelligence and the S.M.S.B. allowed themselves to be captured so they could reach their enemy's quarters. The same enemy used the effect of Pitial Defilatelum to see if Master Intelligence's sword had been recovered. Eventually, the others managed to escape capture thanks to George Thames, though the latter died in the process.

Eventually, Jason returned and the three siblings teamed with KM-15, sought to return the Map to the S.M.S.B. After discovering the S.M.S.B. members had moved on to North Korea, the quartet sneaked a ride on an airplane and flew to North Korea, where they found Master Intelligence at last. Britney presented him with the Map of Light, as a symbol of the only hope that the world had left.

Death Edit

As a new enemy called the Dark Flame gained power, public opinion grew that Master Intelligence would be the only one able to stop him. Master Intelligence, still haunted by his history with the dark mutant, procrastinated. Eventually, the outcry became too vocal and the Dark Flame’s actions too horrible for Intelligence to put off the confrontation any longer.

In April of 2180, the Dark Flame discovered the plans for the MBH. He broke in to steal it. When he was alerted of this, Master Intelligence knew this moment that the duel had to be fought. Lindsay fired at the Dark Flame but the villain telekinetically hurled her against a wall, temporarily knocking her out. Sebiscuits engaged the Dark Flame in a sword duel, but he was bested by the Knight and left critically injured. Lindsay drew her sword. She engaged the Dark Flame in combat and spent part of the duel in retreat, defending herself against the Dark Flame’s advances. Eventually, Lindsay moved onto the offensive, raining down hard. However, the Dark Flame remained in control and regained the offensive, delivering several blows against Lindsay until he finally disarmed her and slashed her across the face.

Master Intelligence intervened and engaged the villain at close quarters. The resulting three-hour long battle, fought with both swords and superpowers, was one of the most well known duels in the world, and one of Master Intelligence’s most famous moments, with him losing his life soon after being disarmed. According to Colby Doge, eye-witnesses proclaimed that it was the greatest--yet most terrible--duel of all time.

Upon being disarmed, Master Intelligence remembered what they were fighting for and attempted to talk his former friend out of his destruction. After a brief moment of emotional struggle, the Dark Flame activated the weapon and brought it down on Lindsay. However, Master Intelligence leaped in front of Lindsay and it passed through his chest instead. As Lindsay and Sebiscuits watched in horror, the Dark Flame slammed Intelligence’s corpse through the window for a 10-story fall. With that, Master Intelligence died at the age of 160.

After his death, Lindsay became the new leader of the S.M.S.B., as she had been promised over a century before.

Physical Description Edit

As a baby, Peter was described to be at the expected height for his age but at a surprising weight. He wore a blue-and-black suit resembling Mr. Incredible’s and a cap binding decorative glasses. As a teen he was taller and no longer wore the cap. Instead he had slightly bushy tan hair.

Personality and Traits Edit

Baby Intelligence’s most noted trait was, clearly, his intelligence, something he himself firmly believed he possessed. In his first week alone, he learned how to read and speak. While he was gradually a nice and calm person, Baby Intelligence definitely had a dark side concerning his intolerance for misbehavior. To his students, he could appear as either very strict or like a grandfatherly figure, testing them to mental and physical extremities one moment and showing warmth and kindness the next. To all his pupils, who he loved with all his heart, he was humble and strict. He was almost as famous for being a great teacher as an incredible duelist. Despite his incredible power, Baby Intelligence was fairly disdinful of combat and believed that wars could not render one great. Although he sought to take the NoHeads under custody at first, the chance at arrest for those so powerful and irrevocably evil soon proved no longer an option as far as Baby Intelligence was concerned. His devotion to the light side was irrevocable, and he had incredible wisdom far beyond his years. He also had a dry sense of humor. It is widely believed that one of his greatest powers was his ability to love, despite having a hard life overall and receiving no love from his own family. One of the three members he knew tried to kill him, and the other two abandoned him and left him to fend for himself. He was also open-minded, as he allowed Paige to teach him things he had not experienced given how young he was at the time. Although he was not a murderer, he was also not above killing murderous and evil individuals who went against him or initiating duels or even full battles.

Fourteen years later, in 2033, he was more serious-minded and less resilient, but besides these two traits he hadn’t changed much. The same applied after 2033.

Master Intelligence was perfectly prepared to put his friends' needs and best interests before his own. He was willing to sacrifice himself for any one S.M.S.B. member at any time. Ironically, this was how he died when he sacrificed himself to stop the Dark Flame from murdering Lindsay Kellerman. Master Intelligence strived to treat every S.M.S.B. member equally. He had a lot of respect for his fans; most of the Muggles he worked with stated that he was modest, likeable, and extremely talented. Master Intelligence's greatest strengths were his morals and his ability to feel, understand, and reciprocate love, despite receiving nothing but neglect until he met Zett. Master Intelligence was extremely loyal to and protective of his loved ones and that love was what allowed him to overcome Mr. Stupid NoHead. Sheriff Bladepoint noted that Master Intelligence's strength of will at resisting the temptation of the dark side, even when faced with Paige's death, who was one of his dearest friends at the time, was due to Master Intelligence's ability to love. Master Intelligence even claimed that he felt sorry for Mr. Stupid NoHead because of his inability to feel or understand love, this all proves Master Intelligence's ability to love so unequivocally.

Despite this, Baby Intelligence was very puritanical, and claimed he had not so much as held a woman in his arms, possibly as a result of his moral code and unromantic nature.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Baby Intelligence was widely considered the strongest person in North America. Apart from his incredible telekinetic abilities, Intelligence was a master of sword combat, and was widely acknowledged as being perhaps the greatest duelist of his time despite being trained as a policeman. Although a master of all forms, his preferred style was Form IV, as it allowed him to compensate for his limited reach and stature. His technique consisted of the pure basics of Ataru taken to their highest possible levels. Despite his young age and short stature, Intelligence displayed amazing speed and dexterity, leaping through the air and twirling as he battered at an opponent’s defenses. Much of his combat style relied on jumps and acrobatics, which he was beyond capable of. Despite the fact that Intelligence’s primary Form was Ataru, he demonstrated an extreme level of skill with regard to deflecting bullets. However, in his teen years, Intelligence had a more controlled fighting style combining Ataru and Shien. He also possessed an extraordinary level of aptitude with telekinesis. He demonstrated on one occasion the ability to telekinetically lift and carry a crane, and proved able to keep his body upward by such means at age 7. In their duel Burnbottom proved unable to overcome the baby with the use of telekinetically thrown objects. Despite the sheer power that Mr. Stupid NoHead himself possessed, Intelligence was able to catch him off guard with a telekinetic push just before their duel. A master practitioner of the ability, Intelligence was adept at the saber throw, as demonstrated in his return to the police station during Operation: Purge.

In addition, Baby Intelligence could feel the deaths of individual people and identify them from all around. It was believed by Burnbottom that, if Intelligence should ever fall to the dark side, his powers would be capable of annihilating even the Death Angel himself. Intelligence even beat Mr. Stupid NoHead, Mean King, and Sebiscuits in direct combat. However, despite his great power and skill, Intelligence strongly disliked combat in general, and was even a bit disdainful of the idea that “greatness” could be achieved through martial prowess.

Career AccomplishmentsEdit

Master Intelligence was renowned as an incredibly talented and reliable superhero, and was extremely famous for it. This was coupled with the fact that he was the Chosen One who would destroy the NoHeads. He drove off many criminals that Muggles could not dream of defeating and was idolized by thousands of people, including Sebiscuits, Jonathan, and Lindsay Kellerman. Intelligence also helped reform the police after Operation: Purge.

Relationships Edit

The D.I.T. Wiki has an article focusing on the relationships of Baby Intelligence.


Rotta Hecks Edit

Baby Intelligence only lived with Rotta for the first week of his life before his abandonment in space. Having a very close relationship with his mother, it broke his heart to be neglected by her, and even more so to discover her hidden evil. Still he remained loving and persistent to make amends with her at some point. When she died, this passionate goal failed. Her early death when he was just 2 months old foiled these attempts and shook him. As a result he tried to kill Mr. Stupid NoHead, and unleashed a brutal asault. He vowed never to let anyone he loved be harmed again. Her death was somewhat made up for when she returned to counsel with him and chat as a ghost.

Greg Hecks Edit

Baby Intelligence barely knew his father. However, Greg still loved him despite his powers, but his fear overcame that and he agreed to abandon him. Intelligence never saw his father again, for he was unable to return to Earth as a ghost. This made him utterly sad.


"I loved you like a brother."
―Baby Intelligence to Sebiscuits[src]

The first stage of their relationship was similar to that between a father and a son and Sebiscuits was, along with Lindsay, his most trusted members. Sebiscuits had great respect for his master and considered him a wise role model. However, Baby Intelligence’s patient and peaceful ways clashed with his apprentice’s arrogant and prideful attitude. They would often disagree about politics. Ultimately, the antagonism that they would show, sometimes rather violently, turned into playful bickering. However, their relationship turned darker due to Baby Intelligence’s extended strife to give everyone equal attention.

When Sebiscuits fell to the dark side, Baby Intelligence was heartbroken. During their duel, Baby Intelligence kept trying to find a trace of his old apprentice in the monster he had become but it was in vain and he finally accepted that Sebiscuits was gone. However, Baby Intelligence wasn’t able to finish Sebiscuits off and saved him from the flames. After this duel, their relationship became fruitful again.

Lindsay Kellerman Edit

Baby Lindsay

Lindsay Kellerman, his most trusted ally

"Lindsay, when I die...the MBH, the leadership of this group...will be yours."
―Baby Intelligence, alone with Lindsay[src]

Baby Intelligence loved Lindsay dearly, going as far to spare the Gladiator in 2042 with the sole intention of saving her by doing so. Intelligence would also not give up on saving Lindsay after she was thrown toward a fire pit by NoHead, nor when Burnbottom nearly ran over her on his speeder bike. After their first clash, he told her that he hadn’t doubted her, after she told him that she knew he would save her. Intelligence’s desire to keep Lindsay safe went beyond the battlefield into his teachings to her. Though she was skilled in the classic Shii-Cho, Intelligence began teaching her Ataru and Niman, two powerful forms he was greatly skilled in.

There is also much evidence to support that Intelligence’s attachment of Lindsay was as great as his attachment to Rotta and Paige. Though Intelligence was overly careful, Lindsay’s presence seemed to soften this precaution. The MBH attack seemed to be a milestone for their relationship, as he promised the MBH and the leadership of the S.M.S.B. would be hers when he died. Nearing the end of the Second NoHead war, Intelligence still held a great degree of trust in her, being one of the few people to strongly believe that Lindsay had a good reason for distrusting Red X. However, he also realized that he could not help her directly as it would have been wrong. He also managed to help them make up.

Paige Edit

Paige 1

Paige, a short-lived yet valued member of the S.M.S.B.

Baby Intelligence had always taken a shine to Paige, the second person ever to join the S.M.S.B. During their first lesson, Baby Intelligence gave Paige one of his “rare smiles” during her first performance on the training field. Intelligence was also disappointed when she insulted Force Baby until he was in tears, and reprimanded her before helping Force Baby calm down.

When Paige was killed by Sebiscuits in the eve of 2020, Baby Intelligence jerked as if he had been cut upon hearing the news. He visited her grave several times in his life.

In the battles they faced, both of them remained side-by-side. He further showed his high regard of Paige by giving her permission to visit his laboratory alone, with the promise not to touch anything.

When Baby Intelligence sensed Paige was in mortal danger at Mr. Stupid NoHead’s hands, he deserted a battle he was fighting with the sole intent of rescuing her. Baby Intelligence was a role model for Paige and both had much in common, in beliefs, preferences, and personality traits. Furthermore, both had a love for learning. Knowing she was far older than him, Intelligence even allowed Paige to instruct him on certain aspects of how the world worked, further displaying his trust and liking of her.

Red X Edit

Red X

Red X, a close ally and friend.

Master Intelligence showed much care and steadfast championing of Red X. Throughout Red X’s years at the MBH, Intelligence provided her with protection and guidance, and supplemented Red X’s schooling with additional information about the forces of Darkness.

After the Rebirth of Hell Burnbottom, Master Intelligence made an even stronger effort to give Red X exclusive training, as the others had been training their whole lives and were capable of taking a variety of criminals. By the time Red X was 17, Master Intelligence took on the role of providing her with additional insights into the origins of the NoHeads as well as other villains. He entrusted Red X with the task of getting a final, crucial memory from high enemy lines. When Red X was killed, Master Intelligence was devastated.

Red X and Master Intelligence forged a strong Student — Headmaster bond, comparable to that between two close family members (most likely case of a great-grandfather — granddaughter). Red X felt comfortable enough around the impressive, intimidating figure of Master Intelligence to shout at him in frustration, cry out of grief, admit to his fears, and entrust him with her life. Intelligence in return considered Red X to be a talented and powerful Super who had inherited her parents’ best qualities, noting that Red X also had the potential to become a great leader. He also had great faith in Red X as shown when Master Intelligence was clashing with Hell Burnbottom and she intervened in a move he himself could not deflect. Even though her only known powers were flight and telekinesis, he allowed her move to absorb Burnbottom’s attack entirely. Master Intelligence later told Red X that he wasn’t worried because he was with Red X.

Sheriff Bladepoint Edit

Baby Intelligence had an exceptionally good relationship with his teacher, Sheriff Bladepoint. When Bladepoint saw that the baby had been disowned by his parents, he took him up for training. After this happened, Baby Intelligence gained great respect and admiration for the Sheriff. During their training, the two quickly became good friends, and Bladepoint taught him many things, such as sword combat. After Baby Intelligence graduated, Bladepoint continued to watch over him from a distance, and gave him advice from time to time.

Baby Intelligence later acknowledged Bladepoint as one of the bravest men he had ever known. He also knew that without Bladepoint, he would not be who he was.



Telekinibabe, a close friend.

Baby Intelligence met Tyler when he was talking with Albert Herrington. He had a great degree of respect for the baby, having a lot of concern for him when he barely escaped from Hell Burnbottom during an ambush. He also was not willing to disobey Baby Intelligence, at least in terms of the letter of the law. This was most evident during the Battle of Yellowstone, when he negated returning to the hangar as Intelligence had earlier told him to “keep away from [their] battle” (even though Baby Intelligence meant to keep hidden).

When Telekinibabe arrived at the MBH, Baby Intelligence was pleased to begin his training. When Tyler had a chilling vision about the NoHeads, Baby Intelligence let him sleep in, but sent Lindsay to wake him when it was almost 8:30. He also reported that he was likeable and talented.

However, Baby Intelligence’s concern for Telekinibabe did not blind him to his misdemeanours around the MBH. Though he sometimes let Telekinibabe off for breaking rules, he only did so only under life-threatening circumstances. Baby Intelligence went out of his way to treat all students justly, and took no issue with giving any member severe punishments, if he thought they deserved it.

Throughout Telekinibabe’s studies, Baby Intelligence kept a watchful eye on him, and intervened in his affairs whenever necessary to keep him safe. He also praised him for being a friend to every member, from Lindsay to Red X. When Telekinibabe defeated Whammo, Intelligence was sure to reward him.

Baby Strength and Force Baby Edit

Baby Strength and Force Baby were both apprenticed to Baby Intelligence. They thought Baby Intelligence was a great teacher, and in turn Baby Intelligence loved them deeply, despite that he wasn’t as close to them as he was to Sebiscuits or Lindsay.

In 2019, Sebiscuits and Paige both left the S.M.S.B. As such, Baby Strength and Force Baby were the only members left. When the three were briefly alone together, Baby Intelligence could not have appreciated them more. Generally, they were on friendly terms in 2031, though opinions on new members like Lindsay and Red X briefly set them apart but their understanding for each other remained.

Baby Strength and Force Baby also visited Master Intelligence’s grave, after the skirmish in the MBH.

Andromeda Edit

Andromeda joined the S.M.S.B. in 2041. Despite her power, she was highly unstable. Master Intelligence hoped to help her exploit this, however, she died a year later and he could not do this. He had come to greatly care for her, and was visually upset when he witnessed her murder per the Gladiator’s orders.

Retrowoman Edit

It is unknown how Master Intelligence felt about Retrowoman, the last member of the S.M.S.B. However, Retrowoman seemed to look up to him.

Jonathan Edit

By the time Jonathan was seven years old, he had learned of the famous hero Master Intelligence, who he admired, like many before him. However, Master Intelligence would not meet him in person until 2028. Rumors of a former NoHead base in Albany compelled the leader of the Outpost, Captain Jaden Vang, to mount an expedition there. Knowing his skills as a mechanic, Vang brought Jonathan with him. Together, along with six of Vang’s hired protectors, used it to try to find the rumored base. However, on the way, they were mobbed by a band of thieves. However, they were saved by Master Intelligence's fortuitous arrival, who drove off the threat. Jonathan excitedly asked Intelligence if he could be tested for joining the S.M.S.B., and the mutant asked him what his powers were. When Jonathan said he had none, the mutant replied that only mutants could join.

Russell Stewart Edit

ussell Stewart seemed to like Master Intelligence, when he first met him. Master Intelligence was very upset learning that Russell attempted to break into the Hall of Domination, and thought it was unfair that Russell was imprisoned.

Percy and Stephanie Edit

Percy and Stephanie first met Baby Intelligence in 2020, when he saved them from the Lunch Money Bandit. They would always remember him, and they also came to the Swordfighting Tournament in 2031. Apparently Master Intelligence had not forgotten them at this point, for he did congratulate them after the tournament was over.

Mr. Stupid NoHeadEdit

Mr. Stupid NoHead

Mr. Stupid NoHead, Baby Intelligence's archenemy from birth.

Paige: "I’d like to make [NoHead] pay for seducing Sebiscuits."
Baby Intelligence: "No, Paige. Revenge is not our way. We need to win for the good of all."
— Paige to Baby Intelligence concerning NoHead[src]

Mr. Stupid NoHead, who sought to destroy Baby Intelligence, was Baby Intelligence’s most dangerous enemy from the start. To circumvent his foreseeing that one special person could destroy the NoHeads, NoHead lured Baby Intelligence into the open. They began to duel, and the fight ended when Baby Intelligence telekinetically disarmed the villain. NoHead was defeated, and resorted to escape. They would continue in desperate attempts to defeat each other.

There are many features that both Mr. Stupid NoHead and Baby Intelligence share: both were only children. Both had grown up with training from one of their parents. NoHead, like Baby Intelligence, barely knew the other parent. In addition, both wore relevant uniforms daily. Both Intelligence and NoHead inherited their powers from their NoHead heritage. This is less coincidental than it might seem, for Rotta, Intelligence’s mother, was also a NoHead. Although both were calm people overall, neither were incapable of fear and anger. NoHead trained Sebiscuits and Baby Intelligence trained him as well. Both boys had followers: NoHead gathered a small group of “friends” through fear, intimidation, as well as tenuous promises and then later a whole group calling themselves the NoHead army. Similarly, many people gravitated to Intelligence out of loyalty and a shared cause, but also curiosity and an attraction to his fame.

The two mutants also preferred energy swords over any other weapon. As well, both had a banging love for Paige at some point, though this phase was brief. Both NoHead and Baby Intelligence were mistreated by their parents and both felt their first home was their first base. In addition, both were athletic and extremely talented with a sword, however, each in different form. Both also prefer to stick to the rules.

However, there are also many features that set Baby Intelligence and Mr. Stupid NoHead apart: Intelligence fought for the greater good, while NoHead fought for revenge and power. Furthermore, NoHead never had friends, only followers who feared him or hoped to gain some reward or advantage. Intelligence made many friends throughout his career: Percy, Stephanie, Sebiscuits, Red X, Paige, Force Baby, Telekinibabe, Baby Strength, Lindsay Kellerman, and many, many others. They supported Baby Intelligence because they share a common belief. NoHead used robots to furfill his tasks, while Intelligence fought his battles in person.

Most importantly, Baby Intelligence cared about the people around him, even pitying Sebiscuits when he himself had defeated him, unintentionally torturing him in the process. Intelligence had the ability to love and be compassionate, making him more vulnerable to suffering pain, but also capable of experiencing deep friendship and loyalty that helped guide him to greatness. For NoHead, love, fidelity, or compassion are unwelcome and little known concepts. NoHead would demand loyalty and respect from his allies and mechanized soldiers, but had little in return. NoHead had a tendency to dispose of soldiers who either failed him, angered him, or were no longer of use to him, while Intelligence valued his allies far too much. Mr. Stupid NoHead and Intelligence were also related by blood, however distantly, through their shared descent from the NoHeads (NoHead through Mr. Crooked NoHead and Baby Intelligence through Rotta Hecks). This made them distant cousins.

Nevertheless, Mr. Stupid NoHead and Baby Intelligence felt little more than hatred for each other; NoHead even admitted he was worse than Paige, who had purged the NoHeads several years back, and was thus his most hated rival. Intelligence also proved to be NoHead’s killer in early 2020.

Hell BurnbottomEdit

Hell Burnbottom saw Baby Intelligence as his father’s most hated enemy and despised him for the inexplicable threat he posed to the Dark Lord. Despite having very little contact with him, he hated him all the same and wanted him dead very badly. It only drew more hatred after Intelligence killed NoHead.

Thomas MeyerEdit

Master Intelligence first met Thomas Meyer when he was seventeen. They were introduced by Thomas’s great aunt, Myra Gordon. They got along almost instantly, according to Myra. They were ultimately united by their desire to have the Sword of Abomination. Thomas soon became an S.M.S.B. member and took the name of Centauri.

They got along for twenty years until Centauri began to question what Master Intelligence was truly doing for him. He confronted Intelligence over this, who was interceded by Baby Strength. Centauri lost control during the argument and attacked Baby Strength. Master Intelligence rushed forward to defend his ally, and during the ensuing duel Force Baby was killed. Centauri fled and Intelligence ended their friendship.

The Dark Flame spent a number of years gaining power in North America while Master Intelligence was beginning a revolution in Asia. While the Dark Flame and his army terrorized the world, Master Intelligence refused to face him out of fear that Centauri knew who had really killed Force Baby, this coupled with some lingering affection for him. But after ninety years, Intelligence could no longer stand idly by, and quickly located his old friend. When he did this, they engaged in the legendary duel of 2180, eyewitnesses said no greater duel was ever fought. The Dark Flame won in the end and impaled Master Intelligence, only to be killed himself soon after.

Brute Gunray and Mean KingEdit

Throughout the Second NoHead War, Baby Intelligence also found enemies in Mr. Stupid NoHead’s other two sons, Brute Gunray and Mean King. He first encountered them in Yellowstone National Park when they built a new base there. He did know they were responsible for several murders, including several of Katie Black’s bodyguards, and would kill him if given half a chance. He also loathed them for imprisoning innocent Muggles.

In 2020, during the Third Duel In the NoHead Base, Baby Intelligence first encountered Mean King directly, alongside Force Baby. Because of the threat he posed, Brute Gunray was also to be destroyed by the combined efforts of Baby Strength, Lindsay Kellerman, and Telekinibabe. Mean King knocked out Force Baby, but when Force Baby awoke, he used the Force to assist Intelligence in dispatching Mean King after a fight. Baby Intelligence was evidently relieved when Mean King and Gunray were killed off.

Becca SmithEdit

Master Intelligence felt contemptuous of Becca Smith from the moment he encountered her in Transylvania Quarters, his eyes immediately drawn to her picture wherever he saw it. Becca in turn hated Master Intelligence as much as he hated her. She even volunteered for the task of invading his home in 2041. Throughout their encounter in the Battle of Transylvania, Becca goaded Master Intelligence with sarcastic baby-talk, mocking him for acting upon a dream his friend insisted was a reality. She abandoned the baby-talk, however, becoming incensed when Master Intelligence mocked the Gladiator.

Though she spoke disparagingly of the fact that Master Intelligence's position in the S.M.S.B. - Knights of Plague Conflict was not as hard-earned as her own (in her opinion), Becca despised Master Intelligence mostly out of loyalty to her master. Regardless of his feelings, Master Intelligence recognized that Becca made a fearsome opponent, acknowledging that she was also a "mutant" of prodigious skill and absolutely no conscience".

As Master Intelligence's hate towards Becca was prominent amongst the many other Knights of Plague, he tended to focus on her whenever her picture was shown in the newspaper, or when her name came up.

Mykew HadelineEdit

Mykew Hadeline was an infamous criminal, though Baby Intelligence did not know this, and she was a friend of Bridgett Kellerman and Zett before and after her rise. It is possible that she was a friend of Baby Intelligence, before she betrayed Zach and Bridgett to Mr. Stupid NoHead. Baby Intelligence learned of her betrayal in 2020, and thought she would feel remorse enough to hurt herself in time. This proved a half-truth when Hadeline warped back to 2011 to murder Annie McRae when she was 6, and was killed in the attempt.

Zach and Bridgett KellermanEdit

Baby Intelligence was good friends with Zach and Bridgett Kellerman, although when and how he met them is unknown. He had a keen liking for them, knowing them both to be pure souls. When the Kellermans became Mr. Stupid NoHead’s targets due to a prophecy made about their daughter and the Dark Lord, Baby Intelligence attempted to protect them by casting a protective Taboo and offering to be their Secret Keeper, but the role of Secret Keeper went instead to Mykew Hadeline, which turned out to be a fatal mistake, as Hadeline turned out to be a spy, and she betrayed Bridgett and Zach to NoHead, who killed them. Baby Intelligence was very saddened by their deaths. Ironically, he would later adopt Lindsay by accepting her into the S.M.S.B. He often told Lindsay about the great goodness of her parents, and repeatedly consoled her with the assurance that her parents would never ever truly leave her because of their love for her. Intelligence also believed that Lindsay’s love for her parents was one of her greatest powers.

Katie BlackEdit

File:Katie Black.jpg

Baby Intelligence initially respected Katie Black for her clean slate and high morale. In 2019, Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits both engaged in a rescue mission to save Black who was being held prisoner aboard Mr. Stupid NoHead’s ship. The two babies were able to board the ship and find the Mayor and Mr. Stupid NoHead in the detention chamber. Baby Intelligence and Sebiscuits fought NoHead, but Intelligence was knocked unconscious. A wile later, Baby Intelligence regained consciousness and he was able to help the Mayor escape the ship. After this event, Black was very impressed, even making an amend for the police to come directly under Baby Intelligence’s control, though Baby Intelligence would not have it.




Fan ArtEdit

Behind The Scenes Edit


At first, Baby Intelligence was believed to have been inspired by Yoda, a character from the "Star Wars" saga. This is later confirmed to not be true, as the inspiration for his character actually came from Professor Xavier, from "The X-Men." The series itself was also inspired from said fandom. He was not the oldest member of the S.M.S.B., nor was he the biggest. This scenario was inspired years ago by a group from Holes, where X-Ray was one of the smallest kids yet he was the leader because he was smarter and had more experience at Camp Green Lake.


In eight out of eleven of the books, Baby Intelligence says the last line in the story.

  • "And I am no longer Peter Hecks. I am Baby Intelligence!" (ZH)
  • "We're not finished yet." (TS)
  • "And the good news... we will be joined by a member of equal quality, maybe even greater, than she." (TLB)
  • "It's not over yet. It was never over!" (RHB)
  • "Guys! There is one more foe to face." (AEG)
  • "Well? Come and submit your names!" (TFC)
  • "Farewell, Cynthia." (TXC1)
  • "No one knows what lies beyond the veil." (TXC2)

In "The Second Hero", Mr. Stupid NoHead says, "It is of no concern. Soon, I shall dub the greatest NoHead of all."

In "Pride of the Super Babies", Lindsay Kellerman says, "Hope I can narrate Book II! Goodbye!"

And in "The Blabberish Singer", Lindsay says, "And remember, we're with you, no matter what happens."

It is unknown if he says the last line in "The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 1." Because he is dead at the end of "The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 2", it can be assumed that someone else has the final line of the series.

He is also the only character to appear in every single book of the series.

Baby Intelligence is the only known character to this day that has possessed all three of the Arts.

Other AffairsEdit

D. Isaac Thomas and Baby Intelligence were both born in June, only a day apart - Thomas on the ninth and Baby Intelligence on the tenth. It is unknown if this is a coincidence.

Thomas has recently revealed that Baby Intelligence is left-handed, like himself.

D. Isaac Thomas has claimed that while Baby Intelligence is a caring person, he is very pessimistic and has never fallen in love. When asked, he claimed that Baby Intelligence has "not so much as given Lindsay or Red X a hug before." This may be due to his moral code but this is not confirmed to be true.

In February 2016, Thomas told his brother, Ammon, what had happened to Master Intelligence in "The X-Adults: Endgame - Part 2". However, he was disturbed that Ammon told several people about it, which generally began a rumor about Master Intelligence's later life.


Appearances Edit

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Season Two: Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal | The Lost Commanders | Relics of the Old Republic | Always Two There Are | Brothers of the Broken Horn | Wings of the Master | Blood Sisters | Stealth Strike | The Future of the Force | Legacy | A Princess on Lothal | The Protector of Concord Dawn | Legends of the Lasat | The Call | Homecoming | The Honorable Ones | Shroud of Darkness | The Forgotten Droid | The Mystery of Chopper Base | Twilight of the Apprentice
Season Three: Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow | The Holocrons of Fate | The Antilles Extraction | Hera's Heroes | The Last Battle | Imperial Super Commandos | Iron Squadron | The Wynkahthu Job | An Inside Man | Visions and Voices | Ghosts of Geonosis | Warhead | Trials of the Darksaber | Legacy of Mandalore | Through Imperial Eyes


Police | NoHead Empire | S.M.S.B. | Knights of Plague | NoHeads | U.S. Government | Madakoran | Knights of Meyer | Team of Terror | Legions of Metta | Jedi Temple Guards | Church of the Force | New Republic


<font color="d</font> | Gun | Ezra's Energy Slingshot | Holoka | Bo-Rifle | Kyber crystal | Synthetic kyber crystal | Darksaber


StarSpeeder 3000 | Millennium Falcon | P-80 Winger | Y-Wing | A-Wing | B-Wing | U-Wing | T-70 X-Wing Fighter | Snowspeeder | Naboo Starfighter | Tyler Grant's Skyracer | Imperial Shuttle | Imperial Star Destroyer | Xydarone's skyfighter | N-54 Fighter | TIE Advanced x1 | TIE Bomber | TIE Interceptor | TIE Advanced v1 | TIE Defender | First Order TIE fighter | First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter | TIE Striker | Jedi Starfighter | HEAD | AT-AT | AT-ACT | Supreme Exterminator | Jedi Mickey's Starfighter | Blockade Runner | StarSpeeder 1000 | Ghost | Phantom/Phantom II | AT-DP | Imperial Speeder Bike | 614-AvA Speeder Bike | Imperial Landing Craft | EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate | AT-TE | Imperial Freighter | First Order Star Destroyer | Imperial Interdictor | Hammerhead Corvette | Sato's Hammer | Nightbrother


Tatooine | NoHead Base | Alderaan | Yavin 4 | Hoth | Dagobah | Yoda's Hut | Cloud City | Bespin | Bast Castle | Endor | Ryloth | Naboo | Coruscant | Jedi Temple | Kamino | Geonosis | Kashyyyk | City Volcano | Mandalore | Lothal | Lothal Jedi Temple | Jakku | Transylvania Quarters | Takodana | D'Qar | Ahch-To | First Jedi Temple | Atollon | Garel | Malachor | Malachor Sith Temple | Wobani | Ring of Kafrene | Eadu | Scarif | Jedha | Dathomir


Star Wars: Star Tours (toy line) | Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends

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