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Early LifeEdit

Beethoven II was born to a rich family about a decade before the start of the School War. He was not very bright, leading to a lack of friends in school. Emily Watson, however, was willing to befriend him, and as a result he fought alongside the Girl-Team later. He met Helen as a toddler, and even though she nearly died, he saved her life.

School WarEdit

The Start of WarEdit

Later, Beethoven II saw the Boy-Team filing outside, and alerted Emily Watson to their plans, getting Steven, Summer Petersen, and Andrew Hendersen captured. Beethoven saw his chance for revenge and was delighted when Summer was sentenced to death and he would be there to witness it. To his fury, she escaped being killed by the gun-slinging Susan, who had been unleashed on her, and left the underground base with the aid of over 200 Boy-Team members and their new fleet. Beethoven was barely able to flee for his own life in the melee between girls, robotic soldiers, boys, and skyfighters. The School War had begun, and Beethoven suddenly found himself preparing for war.

Beethoven remained on the Girl Team during the School War, and fought valiantly until the end.

Duel With Denim SpikesEdit

At one point, Beethoven II learned Denim Spikes had defected to the Boy-Team. He had anticipated his ambition to destroy the turbolasers, and met him at the second's destination. Here, he engaged Denim Spikes, using bullets, missiles, and whips against his lightsaber-wielding foe. They clashed in a titanic battle in the Bow-Tie’s control station, culminating in Beethoven escaping aboard his personal ship. Unfortunately for him, Beethoven was unaware of a homing device Denim had attached to the ship’s outer hull that enabled him to track the assassin to his house. When Beethoven discovered Denim’s presence, a dogfight over the city ensued, and although the two opponents seemed evenly matched at first, Beethoven had the upper hand when Denim leaped onto his ship for close combat. He immediately disarmed and killed him with two deterring blaster bolts. Afterwards, he returned to the Bow-Tie and confronted Helen McKeen, who had just mass-murdered several Girl-Team members and defeated Emily Watson in combat. He immediately attacked along with all the girls, and a battle ensued that ended with an explosion sweeping Helen away from Emily. Although Beethoven thought he had killed Helen, he was wrong.

The War ContinuesEdit

Beethoven continued to fight in the war whenever he was given the chance. When Summer pretended to defect to the Girl-Team and knelt before Emily, Beethoven, who was present, suspected Summer of being a double agent. Even Emily sensed nothing. He also fought in the Mission to GT-2, and briefly engaged Jay Organa, bent on avenging him. However, Jay defeated him and he was rescued by Cindy Lewis.


“Now I will do what I should have done 10 years ago!”

~Beethoven, in his last attempt to overtake Helen

Beethoven fought briefly in the final battle of the School War. In it, a massive battle broke out between the boys and girls that poured into the arena, although Beethoven would remain at the balcony whence he stood. When Thomas Slovak attempted to assault the skybox and confront Beethoven, he unloaded several blaster bolts into the acolyte, killing him and knocking him off the balcony.

Beethoven used his jetpack to fly down to the arena floor, where he confronted Helen, who was fighting alongside Andrew. As Helen rushed in and utilized Form IV, Beethoven’s attempts to blast her proved futile, leading him to attempt to gain space by jetting away. The jetpack upon which he relied failed to fire, leaving him vulnerable to Helen’s decapitating strike. Beethoven’s corpse fell to the ground.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Beethoven was tall, slim, and always clad in a black tuxedo, both at school and in battle. He always made sure to keep it folded in the classic manner. He had black, scraggly hair that went down to his scalp, and was moderate in his concern for hygeine. He had yellow eyes, another trait that people misjudged him for.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Beethoven was instinctive and ruthless in battle, although he also had a soft side for those who cared about him. Although almost everyone at Tower Placement regarded Beethoven to be dumb, he was actually very clever despite not having an interest in school. He always knew when to attack and when to evade, and always respected authority outside of school. He cared for anyone who cared for him, and that is where he found his friends.


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