Claire is the deurotagonist, later primary antagonist of "El Monstrou Horrible." She accompanies Jesse on a rigged adventure before revealing her true intentions.

Biography Edit

At some point, Claire became friends with Jesse.

Hoping to destroy El Monstrou Horrible, Claire went to his base and fought him, though she ultimately lost.

They thanked the unicorn and left the sea. Claire took out a pair of electrobinoculars to locate his base. They left for the base, but as they neared it, Claire’s anxiety grew. A swarm of bats had shot out of a tree, followed by a blood-curdling cry. Amid the sounds, five ghosts appeared and pursued them. Jesse held Claire as he used his feet to pedal on his skateboard and speed away. However, the ghosts were closing in. Clinging to Claire as tight as he could, he gave a huge thrust with his skateboard. They fell through the screen door and Claire picked the lock with a slim stone, granting them entry. Just as they began searching for El Monstrou Horrible, Jesse located a shield, but was upset that there was only one. Claire immediately let him have it for himself. Soon after, they arrived at the dragon’s lair, only for El Monstrou Horrible to intercept them. The dragon warned that Claire and Jesse would have to pay the price for trespassing in his lair. Jesse held up his shield, blocking a stream of dragon fire. Meanwhile, Claire slipped away to find the princess while she had the chance.

After El Monstrou Horrible was defeated, Claire appeared with the princess, applauding ominously. Claire then revealed her true powers and drew out her hidden wings. Meanwhile, Jesse and the Princess were completely dumbfounded and horrified by his unforeseeable deceit. Now with the bane of her existence destroyed, Claire can go on to take complete control of the entire universe, starting with world domination on Earth. Jesse set out to stop Claire, now with the help of the Princess. After an intense fight, Claire was ultimately pushed into the underworld forever.

Physical Description Edit

Claire is tall and slender. She has red hair done up in two braids and blue eyes. She also has a pair of fairy wings that she usually kept hidden.

Appearances Edit

  • El Monstrou Horrible

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