Helen Thornton (nee McKeen) is a character in the Boys vs. Girls trilogy who first appeared in the 2012 book Boys vs. Girls: The Coming Darkness.


Physical appearanceEdit

"Until now, Steven hadn't really realized just how attractive Helen was. He was surprised, she actually looked pretty good with her hair flickering across her muscular backside. Her arms were thick and her stomach was tight and muscled, not in a grotesque kind of way, but in a cute kind of way. She had an eight-pack! He'd never noticed. Maybe because every time he saw her she actually had a shirt on."
―Steven Thompson's thoughts[src]

Helen McKeen was exceptionally tall, healthy, and beautiful. She was 193 centimeters tall at age fourteen. She had shoulder-long dark brown hair, blue eyes, and smooth, fair skin. On almost any occasion, Helen was seen wearing boots and a casual T-shirt. Generally, high responsibilities and troubles with war rendered Helen’s face more solemn than most girls her age, so her real physical beauty did not shine through initially. Because she exercised consistently, McKeen had a slender, muscular build and her tight stomach had an eight-pack, alluding to her exceptional physical strength. Unless she is wearing a black sports bra, which she does when she is exercising or doing chores outside, her shirt usually conceals her lined stomach muscles unless her arms are folded or a similar situation occurs, according to Steven Thompson.

Helen wore a black hoodie whenever she worked alongside Emily Watson. She also wore a tank top when she was inside her house.

Helen McKeen’s Body Mass Index was 15.3, meaning that she was underweight.

Apparently, Helen's appearance was perfectly capable of catching attention from numerous boys and even a few Lesbians at Tower Placement. The latter is shown as Valiera Nelson was charmed by her at once, and it is possible that Steven Thompson may have been as well. Jay Organa also said she was a cute girl. Even Andrew Hendersen angrily said that "[she] may have angelic beauty, but [she] sure as hell ain't an angel".


Early Life Edit

Helen was born in 1998. Her mother was Grace McKeen. When she was two years old, she created a spectacle when she unintentionally saved Beethoven II from meeting a horrible death. She attended Tower Placement School since first grade, where everyone was amazed at her quick ability to learn. Although she was only ten years old at the time, she worked on an eighth grade level, and at age thirteen worked on a eleventh grade level.

Empress Zira's Taboo Edit

Zira: "Helen, you’re the best. So, for an extra fifteen hundred—"
Helen: "One thousand, Zira. Don’t push it."
Zira: "Zira"
— Okay, one thousand. But if you fail to deliver, you will become my servant.[src]

Once Helen McKeen told Emily Watson on the phone she didn’t want to kidnap Empress Zira’s unborn child when Emily brought it up. Unbeknownst to her she had broken the Taboo Zira had set, and Zira visited them fifteen minutes later. She demanded for an audience with Helen, whose parents did not hesitate to send her outside. Zira demanded for the owed fine, and Helen insisted she didn’t want Eegan. Despite Zira’s discontentment she agreed to Helen’s deal—she would pay her a thousand dollars if her baby was stolen.

Meeting Emily Watson Edit

Helen quickly made it to the top, and finally became the class President in 2008. Although she was only ten years old at the time, she worked on an eighth grade level, and at age thirteen worked on a eleventh grade level. She met Emily Watson at a picnic in 2009, when she was ten and Emily eight. A few months later, she became the leader of the already unstable Girl-Team under Tower Placement School. She resolved to make certain mistakes right. In the mix, she invited Summer Petersen to join them, but Summer ultimately declined.

School War Edit

Beginnings Edit

In 2011, at the age of thirteen, Helen McKeen worked on a eleventh grade level. In the same year, Helen agreed to help Emily build a trap to avenge the boys for constantly annoying them. For the project, Helen passed down leadership of the Girl-Team to Emily. This, however, led to the School War.

Helen would later serve at Emily's side within the leadership of the Girl-Team throughout the war. She accompanied Emily when she captured Steven Thompson, Summer Petersen, and Andrew Hendersen, and joined her on the GT-1 summit, and viewed the opening stages of the Battle of the GT-1 Base directly from the central arena, when the Boy-Team's new army under Anakin Organa invaded the base. Retreating with Beethoven into the base's war room, Helen ordered her soldiers to retreat and hide, but before she joined them, she turned over plans to the Ultimate Weapon—a secret project she had been building for the Girl-Team which would later become their feared battle station, the dreaded Bow-Tie — to Emily and erased all data from her computers.

Duel With Summer Petersen Edit

Betrayal Edit

Anakin assured Helen that every girl was on Emily’s side, including her best friends, and it would be endless civil war unless the Girl-Team was destroyed, or at least dismantled. Helen formulated a plan that would consist of her going to the Bow-Tie and massacring the Girl-Team generals, besides Emily Watson. Denim Spikes, who had also defected, agreed to help her do this. Both of them entered the Bow-Tie that same night. Leaving Denim to his objective, Helen continued her mission by entering the conference room, where she was to kill the generals. She immediately closed all the doors, preventing any Girl-Team member from escaping. At first, several of the leaders warmly welcomed her, before they recognized her new motives. In their surprise, Helen then began her massacre of the Girls.

After murdering all the members, along with their guards in cold blood, she turned to the last one left—Ursula Blackham, the Girl-Team general who held almost as much power as Helen herself. Before she died, Ursula pleaded with Helen, but Helen proceeded to kill her. Her mission accomplished, the girl prepared to search for Emily when the villain found her first. After Helen nervously revealed her conversion, Emily accused her of turning on her, but Helen stated that her sadism and lust for revenge had already done that, and that she had allowed the boys’ revenge plot to twist her point of view until she became the very thing she had sought to destroy.

Unaffected by the traitor’s “lies” and unafraid of the dark side, Emily told Helen that her “suicide mission” would give her no profit. Realizing that she spoke like an antagonist would, Helen vowed to stop her at all costs, prompting the two to engage in a brutal duel that caused substantial damage to the facility. Ultimately, Helen and Emily were hovering over vats of electricity, when Helen reflected on her blind failure while Emily stated that she should have known that Helen could not be trusted.

With that, they began a brief bout of bladework. The bout ended when Helen jumped to high ground on a ramp, gaining advantage over Emily. Despite Helen’s warning not to try the jump, the antagonist ignored her and did so anyway, allowing Helen to sever her leg and both arms in one strike. Heartbroken over her former friend’s fall to the dark side, Helen retrieved Emily’s lightsaber and tearfully expressed her disgust and sadness over Emily’s ways, telling her how she had loved her like a sister. Helen regretfully left, only to be ambushed by the entire Girl-Team army. Helen used both lightsabers to hold them off, but was ultimately forced into retreat. Assisted by Summer Petersen’s arrival in a speeder, Helen was able to escape.

Final Battle Edit

Summer Petersen, as well as all the boys, were arrested. However, Helen did not share this fate. To her relief, they all escaped prison minus Jay Organa and Summer. After meeting up with them, Helen gave Steven the keycard to the Boy Trap and helped lead the boys in an imminent battle with the girls. When Emily noticed the boys assembling through a window, she led the girls in a counterattack. With that, Anakin revealed Helen and the Boy-Team, and the whole of both armies came on each other in a heated battle of which the boys had a much stronger advantage. During the fight, Helen fought by Andrew’s side. It was during the carnage that Beethoven II attempted to fight and kill Helen McKeen. Helen noticed and confronted the latter. Beethoven was charged by Helen; at the last second the villain activated his jetpack and grappled to the ceiling. Helen went after him and disabled his air gear, bringing him back to the ground. With that, Helen quickly beheaded the infamous antagonist. She was also the first to discover Summer’s death after she was fatally slashed by Emily, who had just been killed. She shed tears as the loss seemed to be permanent until Summer miraculously revived.

Imprisonment Edit

"I was still chained up at Zira’s palace. If it weren’t for the calendar in the throne room I probably would have lost track of time. There was a TV set in front of me, my only entertainment which was set to play at 1:00 and 5:00 every day. Today, however, something different happened."
―Helen writing in her diary[src]
Sidetracked by the war, Helen forgot to pay her debt to Zira. After the Battle of Orem, Helen escaped with Andrew Hendersen — with whom she had fallen in love — Summer, and Steven.

In the sky, their cruiser was pursued by several robotic fighters. While Helen was working on repairs, the ship drifted into a street. After they "lost" the fighters, the quartet flew straight towards the bridge of Natalia Thornton's personal capital ship, then hiding on the back of the bridge. The ruse worked, with the Girl-Team unable to find the ship. Finally, Helen detached the cruiser, weaving around the tight gaps Helen knew the signals could not reach. Helen then decided to go to a nearby inn that her old friend was running. Unknown to the group, however, the bounty hunter Xydarone had also hid her ship under the capitol ship, and followed them to the inn. There, they were captured by the war's ringleader Natalia Thornton as part of a trap. Helen was captured and taken to Zira's Palace in Arizona by the bounty hunter Xydarone. Finally she was captured by Natalia Thornton and brought to Zira as punishment for her failure. Zira chained her to a chair for a year. Her only entertainment was a television set playing twice per day. Helen was usually fed m and m's, not "real" food.

In 2017, the group managed to locate Helen and set up a rescue operation. As a result of careful planning, Helen was freed by Summer Petersen disguised as Xydarone, temporarily suffering from exhaustion and hunger, as a result of sickness. However, Zira suspected something like such would happen and surprised them, laughing hard as she arrested Helen while Summer was to become her new slave. In his cell in Zira’s Palace, Helen was reunited with the Girl-Team robot commander, who now served her and Summer. With the arrival of Anakin Organa, Helen McKeen was brought once more before Zira. She tried to barter for her life but to no avail, as he was considered a failure by Zira. Helen reunited with Anakin as the two were sentenced to death and carried off to the gargoyle cave.

At the gargoyle cave, Anakin turned the tables and a battle broke out. During the fight, Helen was rearmed, and quickly joined the fray. She accidentally set off Xydarone’s jetpack which sent her flying into Zira’s limousine then into the gargoyle. Helen was then knocked off the skiff, but was able to cling to an edge. Anakin helped her back up, and they recovered Summer Petersen. The fighting ended with Summer killing Zira and Helen being reunited with her friends. The heroes quickly escaped Zira’s limo as it exploded due to a chain reaction set off by Anakin by firing its cannon into its hull at point-blank range, and then left for home with Bellamy. On the way there, Helen changed clothes and told Summer she was sorry they had to fight again. When she arrived, Helen told her parents what had happened, and hoped Summer would tell the truth as well.

Later LifeEdit

Six years after returning to Utah, Helen McKeen spoke with Steven Thompson, who promised her the rank of General as the Boy-Team prepared to become a crime-fighting team in seven years. Helen and her new boyfriend, Andrew Hendersen, attended the 2026 S.M.S.B. Skyfighter Tournament along with several other of her friends in the Boy-Team. She wore robes made of the flags of all eight qualifying members. At the final of the 2026 S.M.S.B. Skyfighter Tournament, she made treats to sell, and she sat in the VIP boxes with other Boy-Team Generals and Andrew, where he held her hands. In 2027, Helen married Andrew, and Anakin Organa was the best man at the wedding.

Personality and Traits Edit

Helen McKeen was widely known for her deceptive, intelligent, and calm demeanor. Even locked in combat with Emily and being forced onto the defensive, she remained relaxed and confident throughout. She was also exceptionally introverted and preferred to keep to herself whenever possible. She also cared for any creature, at any cost.

Helen was also very hard-working, coming out on top in most of her classes and continuously aiding her friends. She was so studious that Emily Watson made her second-in-command of the Girl-Team. Because of her efficiency, she often had time to do hobby work on the side. While most Girl-Team members depended solely on their ability, Helen readily relied on logic. Although this often helped her cleverly deduce information that many others missed, Helen’s emphasis on logic also made her skeptical about accepting anything without proof, and passionately hateful of superstition. She was quite responsible, perfectionistic, and well put-together, which led to her being made the class president for three grades. Throughout her entire school career, Helen was insistent on order and steadfastly devoted to the rules, at the expense of her popularity.

Helen was highly solemn, but not incapable of emotional experiences: she was visibly heartbroken at Emily’s turn to the dark side. She also frequently voiced her feelings of distress or disappointment. She was also very wise, and highly regarded for her strength of character and strength on the battlefield. She valued intelligence and cunning over physical power. Whoever Helen sided with, she was fiercely loyal to. The only thing she asked for in exchange was their loyalty in return. From the start, Helen was fully devoted to order, peace, and goodness. Helen had no romantic relationships until she was fifteen, where she became Andrew Hendersen’s girlfriend. Both of them became infatuated with each other.

Like Steven Thompson, Helen was also willing to become friends with anyone, even if they were outcasts. Two most notable examples of this were her emotional attachments to Emily Watson and Summer Petersen, who everyone else had dissed.

Helen never forgave betrayal and she appeared to have virtually no tolerance for it. Before her conversion, Helen’s thoughts regarding betrayal were still the same. However, Emily Watson knew about this and used it as a tool to ensure her loyalty. She was also surprisingly compassionate and strong. This was evident as Helen had reconfigured her playroom into a center for helping injured animals, and had survived being mobbed by Girl-Team members, was able to hold off Steven Thompson and Summer Petersen at the same time, and triumphed in a duel with Emily. While often assuming a gentle and civilized manner, Helen McKeen could be very sarcastic at times. She was also surprisingly moody, especially before the start of the School War. Although her will was strong, Emily was able to deceive her into believing that the Girl-Team fought for order and safety.

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