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The ListEdit

Books Villains

The Rescuers Save the World

The Case of the Missing Kids
The Haunted House
  • Skeleton
  • Walker's soldiers
The Princess and the Lips
  • Miranda
  • Miranda's sidekick
  • Goat army (neutral)
The Super Babies
The Outcast
The Unsatisfied Cake Man
  • Celeste (neutral)
The Ben and Bonnie Trilogy
Power of a Stonecutter

Birdie (reformed)

The Pumpkin Chronicles
Boys vs. Girls - Part 1
Three Abandoned Letters
  • E
  • The mean letters
Boys vs. Girls - Part 2
The Child Wars
El Monstrou Horrible
The Robot and Recycle Car's Visit
  • Mr. Hell Lion (reformed)
  • Cactus
  • Spicy Sauce
  • Skeleton
  • Unidentified pirate
Twin Day
Party Pressure
  • Birdie
No Strings Attached
  • Zamell III (a.k.a. Jack Zam Oof)
  • Giant spiders
Annie and the Blue-Eared Kid
Ronald Potter
The X-Adults: Endgame
Across the Portal trilogy

Characters in FanfictionEdit