Natalia Thornton was a General of the Girl-Team.


Early LifeEdit

Natalia Thornton was born to two rich parents in 1997. She discovered her talents of leadership and fencing at an extremely young age, and her father forced her to develop it in her spare time, working with her at almost any possible chance. In 2005, at age eight, she became a cheerleader, but quit after a year. She attended Tower Placement School and it was there that she met was close friends with Emily Watson. The two got along and bonded almost immediately, according to Cindy Lewis.

School WarEdit

Natalia joined Emily Watson during the first war, and was among the three girls recruited for Steven, Summer, and Andrew’s execution. She was rarely seen directly by the Boy-Team, as she was often controlling the tanks from the inside or plotting away from the battlefield. Natalia was present when Emily gave a speech over the apparent end to the war. However, when the Battle of Tower Placement ensued afterwards, Natalia followed Emily briefly before taking an exit and fleeing home.

Second School WarEdit

Although Emily Watson and Beethoven II were finally killed and the girls were driven out, Natalia led the girls to strike back a week later, beginning what was known as the Second School War. During the war Natalia found out she was the half sister of Helen McKeen. Helen later went to the Classic Fun Center, but Natalia ambushed her there. They began a fierce duel, in which Natalia won. After disarming Helen, Natalia made the big reveal. Helen was shocked, but she still refused to rejoin the new Girl-Team. As a result, Natalia captured her and handed her over to Xydarone.

Duel Edit

Three months after the second School War started. Cindy Lewis captured Steven and brought him to Natalia, who tried to turn him to the dark side. However, Steven reclaimed his lightsaber and engaged her in fencing combat. Steven won, and although he was hesitant to kill her, he finally did - or at least, he thought so. Natalia faked her death. Without Emily and Natalia, all was lost for the girls. Natalia went into hiding afterwards. She spent much time in her bedroom, using her computer to continue schooling. She also had a refrigerator in her room.

Rescue of Helen McKeenEdit

Following Helen’s capture after their duel, Natalia became aware of Anakin Organa’s plan to rescue Helen; she headed for Zira’s Palace, disguised as the dancing girl Erica, in order to await Anakin. While waiting for Anakin, Natalia saw Summer leaving Anakin’s fighter. Later, Summer met Natalia. After a brief conversation, in which she questioned Summer regarding Anakin and introduced herself as Erica, Natalia disappeared as Thomas was executed.

However, Taylor Carter, a particularly loyal guard in Zira’s Palace, suspected her of being out to assassinate the monarch, and attempted to arrest her. Natalia turned the tables on Taylor, however, taking him into custody and then force Taylor to shoot one of his fellow guards. Natalia fled down a tunnel and came to a ventilation shaft of the death pit. After fighting through three rows of guards, she was able to watch Anakin kill the monster. She then entered the ventilation shaft of the death pit using her lightsaber, and used a classic technique to pick the lock, open the trapdoor, and follow the crowd out to the limousine. Though she begged Zira to let her join her and others at the gargoyle cave, a suspicious Zira instead provided her with a speeder and told her to leave and never return. Thus foiled her attempt to fulfill her mission, she made her way back to the new Girl-Team base. It is unknown what happened to her afterwards.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Natalia Thornton was tall, slim, and overall she looked average in appearance. She wore a blue baseball cap over her blonde, long hair and was usually seen in a sports uniform, specifically for baseball. Her good looks continued to increase as she grew older. Her condescending smile was enough to provoke almost anyone.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Natalia Thornton was calculating, determined, and deceptive. She also had a close relationship with Emily Watson. She was also a great fencer, having engaged Helen McKeen herself and coming out ahead. Her bravery had its limits, like when she chose to take the exit rather than join the counterattack to defend their base during the final battle.