Oliver Potter is the tritagonist of Ronald Potter and the Jedi Holocron and the deuteragonist from Ronald Potter and the Gamorrean from Coruscant. He was the younger brother of Ronald Potter, a boy from Tatooine who was unexpectedly chosen to attend the Jedi Temple despite being rather older than the typical age at which students were admitted. Oliver was a young boy, appearing to be about five years old.


Oliver Potter was born in 205 BBY.


Ronald Potter and the Jedi HolocronEdit

From the start, Oliver doted on his older brother Ronald, as he always wanted to do whatever Ronald did. After Ronald Potter was accepted to become a Jedi, Oliver doted on his brother even more, impressed with Ronald’s ability to use the Force and desiring to attend the Jedi Temple himself. In Ronald’s first year at the Jedi Temple, Oliver drew a picture and their mother mailed it to Ronald. On the right of the sheet, it said that he would be a Jedi someday.

Ronald Potter and the Gamorrean from Coruscant Edit

In Ronald’s second year at the Jedi Temple, Oliver got to visit the school as part of an open house. Everyone seemed to like him, especially the female Padawans. He also asked Yoda if he could be a Jedi as well, causing Yoda to laugh and pat him on the head.

Ronald Potter and the Labyrinth of DoomEdit

The next year, in 198 BBY, Annabeth Skywalker and Ammon Kendels gave Ronald a neon green backpack with an Ewok face, and he gave it to Oliver when they revealed they had a larger, more casual backpack for Ronald. He drew another picture thanking Ronald, and telling him he stored his books inside. The picture was mailed to the Jedi Temple soon after. Throughout the next few months, the Force awakened within Oliver. When Mrs. Potter discovered Oliver's talent in the Force when he accidentally lifted a series of rocks, she saw to it that he was discovered by the Jedi Order. As a result, Oliver was invited to attend Jedi Kindergarten at the beginning of the following year. When Ronald returned to Tatooine at the end of the year, Oliver revealed this to him.

Ronald Potter and the Clash of Wills Edit

Oliver is featured as protagonist in this book. He became enrolled in the Jedi Temple halfway through 198 BBY. Oliver hoped for more excitement than at the farm, and while he still hero-worshiped his brother, he would never admit so in public.

Victor joined the Jedi Academy in the middle of the year, after spring break. He first thought Mike Dophane was a Sith, and he became fast friends with Lorra Hallerrea, despite his brother's warning that she was trouble. He also became friends with Dophane, Chris and Trevor. He had an instant crush on Zoe Phoenix. On his first day at lunch Oliver rejected Trevor and Chris' offer to sit with them and sat with Nate and his friends. But one of Nate's friends used Oliver's sandwich to start a food fight but Mr. Zefyr stopped it. Mr Zefyr thought Oliver was the culprit because of matching bite marks. Soon, a few days later, he joined the drama club on the insistence of Master Yoda, even though he was too young to be a member. Before he went on holiday, Ms. Catara, Ray Maulpres and Yoda warned him about his grades. So, in the holiday, Oliver was trained by Ronald.

After the holiday, he continued rehearsing for the 347th annual school musical. But he accidentally spilled paint on Phoenix while trying to paint on a tree. On the day of the drama, Phoenix and Trevor went missing. P-3TO freaked out and Oliver set off to find them. He learned that Hallerrea kidnapped them, and locked them in a locker. She blamed Oliver for turning her would-be boyfriend against her. In the middle of the hallway, she locked Oliver in a duel. Suddenly Ronald came and destroyed the locker door and freed Phoenix and Trevor. Yoda then came to the rescue, and they rushed back just in time for the play, which was a huge success. Shortly afterward, Oliver learned that Hallerrea had been expelled. Neil mysteriously disappeared, and year one for Oliver ended.[1]

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