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Early LifeEdit

Steven Thompson was born in 2000 to Tanesha and Tyrone Thompson. At age two he defeated the Thunderqueen when she invaded their home at night, and was reknowned for his victory and ended up in the news the next day.

Education Edit

Steven attended Grandview Elementary from kindergarten to sixth grade before they moved and Steven attended Tower Placement School instead. There he was greeted warmly by everyone except his future nemesis, Emily Watson, and her boyfriend, Beethoven II.

After a long morning of integers, Steven located a girl named Summer Petersen joined her shortly after she seated herself. Steven knew from the start that she was beautiful and loving deep inside, leaving him skeptical to why no one else liked her. They had a friendly conversation and quickly became friends. Both of them hugged. But with his cheek braced against Summer’s shoulder, he could see Emily glaring at him in her rage. He asked Summer why this was, and Summer revealed the Thunderqueen was Emily’s mother, and Emily certainly wanted revenge for her destruction. Steven was appalled that he already had an archenemy.

School War Edit

Rescuing A Baby Edit

Steven Thompson and Summer Petersen were dispatched to find and rescue Empress Zira’s kidnapped son Eegan, whom scouts had located at a deadly dungeon. The success of their mission was vital to completing Anakin Organa’s negotiations with the monarch for her army’s help and shipping routes critical to the war effort. En route, Summer gave the troops an account of how she “saved” Steven from oncoming robot soldiers. Through Summer’s flying car, they flew to the dungeon where the baby was being held.

After securing the dungeons, Steven felt an aura of darkness nearby. After dispatching a few robot soldiers, the pair found Eegan, who was found to be just a baby, and whom Summer thought was cute. Unfortunately, while trying to load the baby into a pack, a recording of their actions was taken by Helen McKeen. She transmitted the recording to Emily Watson to convince Zira that the Boy-Team had been the ones who kidnapped Eegan. Helen then went downstairs and confronted the pair.

While Steven engaged Helen in combat, Summer fought against the girls flanking their opponent. After disposing of them, Summer briefly joined the clash, until Steven told her to get Eegan to safety. While attempting to do this, Summer accidentally set off a death trap that ended Steven and Helen’s duel in a draw. All three escaped, and Summer met up with Steven soon after. Both returned to Summer’s car, and simultaneously realized the baby was sick.

Duel in Maryland Edit

Summer’s car arrived at Maryland, Zira Grover’s hometown, but the ship was shot down by robotic fighters. The team survived the crash and made their way to the Whitehouse. On the way, both Summer and Steven sensed a trap. At that moment, Emily showed up and insisted they surrender Eegan, before assaulting them with a torrent of lightning. After deflecting it, Summer and Steven once again engaged the young villainess in battle. Initially, the two used a combination of reckless and advanced techniques, catching Emily off-guard. Eventually, Emily pushed Summer off to the side to deal with Steven alone. While Steven drove Emily up the stairs to the front door of the Whitehouse, Summer dealt with the robotic fighters that Emily had brought to distract the two. However, once she did so, Emily immediately kicked Steven aside and strangled Summer, knocked her to the ground with lightning, and caused her to hit her head hard against the stone wall. This rendered Summer unconscious and injured.

Steven continued on alone, doing his best to ignore his fear for Summer. Realizing she could not win, Emily flipped onto a car and then Disapparated away.

When Summer awoke, she found a data pad that had fallen out of Emily’s speeder. She gave it to Steven, and together they managed to infiltrate the Whitehouse and deliver Eegan to his mother, Zira. However, Zira still believed the two were using her and ordered them killed. Luckily, Summer was able to show Zira the data pad, revealing that Emily Watson and Helen McKeen were responsible for Eegan’s kidnapping, and that they had done it to manipulate Zira into supporting their side. Once the truth was made known, Zira regretfully revealed that her forces were all stationed in Iran. Summer was disappointed, and playfully pointed out that on the bright side, Steven still had Summer herself. Zira agreed to do what she could for them, on the condition that they would bring Emily to justice. Summer promised that they would do what they could to help. Afterwards, Steven and Summer were picked up by Jay and Anakin Organa.

Rescuing Andrew Edit

Final Battle Edit

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Steven went upstairs to inspect the Boy-Trap, hoping to summon the monster that fought Andrew and use it against Emily. However, he is confronted by Emily in the gym, who hoped to end his life once and for all. Emily fired lightning at Steven, but Steven retaliated, leaping onto the high tower and deflecting a subsequent blast with his lightsaber. Although it appears Emily has gained the upper hand, the charge explodes and sent them flying onto the roof.

Emily immediately came on Steven. Initially, Steven has no will to fight, still in a state of depression from Summer in jail for life. Just as Emily is about to lay the death blow, Summer returns, calling for Emily to stop. Upon hearing Summer’s voice, he suddenly stands and fights back with a renewed vigor in knowledge that he will truly see Summer again. With that, Emily’s rage exploded. Using her hate and anger to boost her physical prowess, Emily attacked Steven with such intensity that their lightsabers both began to short out. Steven, taken completely off guard by Emily’s sudden increase in power, was quickly driven onto the edge of the roof. Emily continued to hammer Steven with vicious power attacks until Steven lost his weapon. She prepared to kill him on the spot, but Steven lunged forward, disarming her and beginning a vicious brawl.

As the fight continued, Emily taunted Steven about his motives and delusions that cowardice would win the war. However, Steven was able to overpower her in combat and restrain her. Just then, Summer arrived at the castle’s balcony and called out to Steven, who turns and climbs his way up toward her. Reuniting with Summer, he happily embraced her, but was then slashed in the back by Emily, Gaston, this sudden twinge of excruciating pain causing him to fall unconscious. He awoke to see Summer and Emily counterpoised, moments before Emily’s death. He was shocked and heartbroken when he saw that Summer had been dealt a fatal blow. Steven managed to grab ahold of Summer and pull her onto the roof. Summer smiled at seeing Steven, who ensures all will be well with their reunion at hand. Unfortunately, the weak Summer can only express gratitude over seeing Steven one last time before she dies in his arms. Steven begged her not to leave him and, sobbing over Summer’s dead body, admits his love for her.

As Steven continued sobbing over the loss of his love, shimmering beams of light fell onto Summer. Summer’s body then began to float in the air and is enshrouded in a fog. Steven watched as Summer’s clothes and fingernails mended and her eyes matched his. Summer then turned to Steven, who initially looked at her skeptically, but then he believed her explanation of her rebirth. Steven and Summer then hugged, and their love unleashed the full magical effect: any damage done to the school from the war mended itself, and several fallen Boy-Team members awakened from the dead.

Death Edit

It is unknown how Steven died, though he lived to be at least 52 years of age. This is evident as he retired from fighting crime at this age along with Summer.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Steven was strong, athletic, and always wore a blue, meshed shirt. He was also agile and wore a red baseball cap. He was 5.5 feet tall.

Personality and Traits Edit

Steven Thompson was solemn, though wise beyond his years. Loyal and dedicated, Steven also possessed a dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit, yet he dealt with a lot of emotional anxiety. Steven was also very accepting and had a strong sense of leadership. Anakin Organa himself reflected upon Steven’s considerable knowledge and potential; he also considered Steven a lot wiser than himself. Steven was also orthodox in his views. Steven had a strong friendship with Summer Petersen, who saved his life on countless occasions, the first being from Emily’s death blow. Steven was extremely courageous, bravely risking life and limb on countless occasions for the Boy-Team. His humble and soft-spoken demeanor belied his warrior prowess. In many ways, he represented everything Anakin Organa valued: steadfast, selfless, and modest. Generally, Steven assumed the role of a more cautious and conservative mentor to Summer Petersen, who was in many ways his equal in personality. Steven carefully measured his actions in any situation. Steven was also known to be an accomplished storyteller.

Steven Thompson often thought out plans and strategies rather than leaping into action. He would usually place his hand on his chin as he thought. This was a trait that Summer did not practice very often. He treated all civilians with respect. Although his love life did not consume his affairs, he took it very seriously.

Talents and Abilities Edit

Steven Thompson was one of the greatest lightsaber duelists of his time. A natural swordsman, Steven’s ability was evident even before the war. Steven chose to specialize in Soresu; his relatively advanced skills were reinforced by his youth and stamina, which helped compensate for his relative inexperience. While he relied on the acrobatics to flank his opponents, and to facilitate his strong penchant for physical attacks, Steven also favored more simplistic and direct moves. In addition to Soresu, Steven also studied Ataru and Niman. He also studied martial arts, and was very fond of chaining hand-to-hand combat strikes into his lightsaber sequences. His degree of skill with this was such that he was able to evade Natalia’s barrage of laser blasts unarmed, and defeat her in combat despite the latter’s use of weaponry. Steven also displayed an early interest in studying Form VII, but ultimately chose Form III instead. Steven later attempted to create a hybrid between Soresu and Ataru to compensate for what both negated. Though Soresu was always his primary fighting form, he implemented elements of Ataru into his swordplay from time to time.

Steven’s tight defense and energy-efficient moves stood him in good stead against masterful gunslingers such as Beethoven II.


Summer Petersen Edit


Summer Petersen, the love of Steven's life.

To say the least, Summer Petersen was the love of Steven's life. He first met her at lunch, where he joined her shortly after she seated herself. Steven knew from the start that she was beautiful and loving deep inside, leaving him skeptical to why no one else liked her. They had a friendly conversation and quickly became friends. Very soon after, the two became best friends. Summer's quick mind was at times the only thing that saved the two friends from potential failure in both life-threatening and everyday situations. Summer was always with Steven and was fiercely protective of him, from snapping at Jay Organa when he threatened to fire Steven from working for the Team of Terror, to saving him when Helen McKeen was preparing to kill him. Steven, for his part, was quick to defend Summer. He was also known to protect her physically on instinct when in dangerous situations.

Though their friendship remained entirely platonic during the School War, at times their closeness engendered jealously or curiosity in others; especially those who had feelings for one or the other, including Ursula Blackham and even Jay Organa. When the two began teaching each other alone on separate subjects, Steven and Summer also experienced some "charged moments," in which the two shared something very intense.

After the war, their feelings for each other increased and became more obvious. The two were also close enough to share their feelings with one another before sharing those feelings with their significant other. In addition, they provided the other with comfort and support when in emotionally stressing situations.

Five years after the end of the Second School War, Steven and Summer married.

Appearances Edit

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