Pride of the Super Babies

The Super Babies: Book I: Pride of the Super Babies is a 2011 superhero book and the beginning of The Super Babies series. It has received mostly positive feedback from critics and fans. It centers on Lindsay Kellerman joining the S.M.S.B. and the long-awaited death of the infamous Mr. Stupid NoHead. It is the fifth installment of the D.I.T. Literary Universe and the fifth and final installment of Part One: Prelude to Peace.

Behind the scenes Edit

The idea for the series came from a discussion in 2007 that brought up a subject of talented babies, referenced from a YouTube video called “Babies Roller Skating”.

Extensions Edit

Graphic novelization Edit

The graphic novelization of the book was published on March 2015, forty-nine months after the book was released (albeit the original, private, colorless picture book). The credited author was D. Isaac Thomas, who also wrote the series, as well as the Boys vs. Girls trilogy and countless others.

Smaller details were also changed; for example, the wolf clash toward the end was from Lindsay Kellerman’s perspective, instead of Baby Intelligence’s. Thomas published it upon ensuring edits lived up to standard.

E-book Edit

The ebook for Pride of the Super Babies was first published as the start of The Super Babies - Part 2, Part 1 being the newer prequel series. A couple of deleted scenes were present in the novel, such as Baby Intelligence being interviewed and the encounter with an alien on the way to the MBH. This ebook is available on two websites, Wattpad and Movellas.